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  1. link Sunnyd49
    Zometa groin muscle pain, upper back muscle pain, tendonitis pain, lab tests, left hand
    I do not know if my symptoms are related to the Zometa treatment I received 11 mos. ago or not but am desperate to come up with some explanation for my symptoms. Over the past yr. I have had the occasional bend over wrong and experience upper back mu - 71% more...
    Sunnyd49- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zometa
  2. link Rhody51
    I had one treatment of zometa, on the 2nd day I had right leg groin pain and unable to lift or cross my leg. It lasted 2 days then went away. I am hoping it stays that way! I am suppose to get another treatment in one month, not sure if I want to go - 6% more...
    Rhody51- over a year ago
  3. link Sunnyd49
    transient tendonitis
    Have you any data concerning long term effects of Zometa on tendons/ligaments?
    Sunnyd49- over a year ago - in Zometa
  4. link Phillyborn
    postmenopausal woman w/triple negative breast cancer
    Was advised to have a 15-minute IV of Zometa. My onc said it won't do anything for the cancer that has reached my backbone, but will strengthen it, preventing fracture. However, I read recently that this is most effective for pre-menopausal women wit - 36% more...
    Phillyborn- over a year ago - in Zometa
  5. link Henrietta
    Zometa fulvestrant, minimal pain, breast cancer, drugs
    I am on Zometa and Fulvestrant for metastatic breast cancer in the bone. Currently I have minimal pain, but I am exhausted. Could it be the side effect of one of the drugs? Linda
    Henrietta- over a year ago - in Zometa
  6. link Atstengel
    finger clicks
    After 5 or 6 Zometa infusions, my left ring finger has started to be achy most of the time, and to "click". Has anyone else experienced this, and do you have a cure? Thanks so much. Adrienne
    Atstengel- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zometa
  7. link Fairlady
    After 3-4 doses of Zometa, my thumbs started clicking, then my left ring finger, then my right. Both hands would stiffen up at night and then be fine in the morning. This went on for a couple of months, then gradually went away, one joint at a time. - 15% more...
    Fairlady- over a year ago
  8. link Wscott
    Severe legs and lower back pain.
    Has anyone experienced severe legs and back pain from taking Zometa? My wife has taken one infusion of Zometa and four days after her legs and lower back began to hurt badly. It has been one week of torment for her. If anyone has experienced these ef - 26% more...
    Wscott- over a year ago - in Zometa
  9. link Marge888young
    Zometa dissappear, orthodontist, oncologist, numbness, amoxicillin
    after receiving treqatments with zometa, i told my oncologist that i'm feeling numbness on my right lips and chin. then, after several days, i felt my teeth on my right jaw were starting to feel weak. my orthodontist gave me amoxicillin for 5 days bu - 18% more...
    Marge888young- over a year ago - in Zometa
  10. link Panowen
    Zometa aleve, tooth pain, oral surgeon, molars, tylenol
    I took 6 treatment of Zometa in 2005 every 3 weeks and at 20 minutes per treatment. I then developed severe tooth pain and after seeing several specialist was diagnosised with dead jaw. I stopped Zometa at the same time. I have since had two molars p - 57% more...
    Panowen- over a year ago - in Zometa
  11. link Raynonie
    Zometa lung cancer, she cries, hurt so bad, oxycodone, oxycontin
    My mother is on this. She started receiving 1st treatment Sept. 2005. She is now sleeping 1 1/2 hours max at a time at night. Her legs and back hurt so bad she cries & shakes from pain. She has lung cancer & is on Oxycontin & Oxycodone fo - 11% more...
    Raynonie- over a year ago - in Zometa
  12. link Phyllis.fox
    Zometa jaw bone, lower jaw, surgerys, terrible thing, ruin
    I was on Zometa for a couple of years. I ended up with what they call Dead Jaw. I have had 2 surgerys on my jaw . The bone in my mouth will never be the same ever again.I have a big dip in my lower jaw bone now. It was very painful and has really rui - 45% more...
    Phyllis.fox- over a year ago - in Zometa
  13. link Dennis312
    Zometa low grade fever
    Severe back and side pain two days after receiving Zometa and constant low grade fever.
    Dennis312- over a year ago - in Zometa
  14. link Blake_sahlstrom
    Zometa flu, better with time, last friday, toes, fingers
    Received my first Zometa treatment last friday 28th Feb 2004 still having tingling feelings in my fingers and also bad pain in toes. also flu like and not much sleep at nights either. Having Zometa every 4 weeks. Were told about the flu sideeffect. H - 15% more...
    Blake_sahlstrom- over a year ago - in Zometa
  15. link Laurahud1
    Zometa late last summer, costochondritis, dypsnea, laura hudson, muscle cramping
    I had almost 1 & 1/2 years of Zometa treatments. This past year I experienced almost unbearable tightness & pain in my chest, which was mis-diagnosed as "costochondritis". Then the lower part of my chin & lip went numb-I began b - 60% more...
    Laurahud1- over a year ago - in Zometa
  16. link Atstengel
    Zometa one time thing, infusion, flu, ring finger, achiness
    After my first Zometa infusion, I experienced flu-like symptoms for the following day: fatigue, overall achiness. I stayed in bed. A prominent doctor advised me to take Decadron and Tylenol prior to my next monthly infusion. This took care of the flu - 62% more...
    Atstengel- over a year ago - in Zometa
  17. link Gpuente
    Zometa aches and pains, received treatment, chills, headache
    Received treatment in arm. Went home, everything was okay. The next day and the day after,I experienced chills, headache, temperature 98.8 to 100, aches and pains.
    Gpuente- over a year ago - in Zometa
  18. link Betty829
    Zometa severe itching, measles, late afternoon, forehead, rash
    2 days after treatment developed rashes with severe itching seeming to abate over night and returning by late afternoon. Rash was blotchy in most areas but looked more measles on face particularly forehead. lasted almost 4 days. felt hot and feverish - 8% more...
    Betty829- over a year ago - in Zometa
  19. link Bishjo
    Zometa multiple myeloma, body aches, roby, tylenol, rash
    Had one 4 mg. treatment..scheduled to have same every 3-4 weeks. Diagnosis, Multiple Myeloma. Had body aches, relived by Tylenol X 12 hrs. this was explained & expected. But, I have itching (no rash) lower legs, beginning day after and present no - 11% more...
    Bishjo- over a year ago - in Zometa
  20. link Editea
    Zometa aching bones, hands and fingers, malaise, om, muscular pains
    I am om my fifth zometa treatment.The first one,day 1,was very scary...could not move hands and fingers post 12 hrs. receiving zometa.fevers/chills for one day with generalized body malaise and anthralgias.This time,I thought these so called transien - 64% more...
    Editea- over a year ago - in Zometa
  21. link Txdagwoods
    Zometa fever chills, infusion, joints
    I got an IV infusion of Zometa yesterday & during the night, got a fever & chills. This morning I woke up w/ aches in my joints & 100.8 fever. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
    Txdagwoods- over a year ago - in Zometa
  22. link Roger.pieteraerens
    Zometa glac, minuit, chaleur, veil, sensations
    Application le 13/06/2003 dans la matinée. Vers minuit réveil les deux mains complètement glacées, suivi quelques instants après d'une énorme chaleur qui m'a embrasé tout le - 64% more...
    Roger.pieteraerens- over a year ago - in Zometa
  23. link Shermc
    Zometa achy, clockwork, fever
    I receive Zometa on Wednesday every 4 weeks. Every Monday, like clockwork, I get a fever of around 99.7 and feel like I have the fleu. I also feel achy and don't enjoy eating much.
    Shermc- over a year ago - in Zometa
  24. link Smcnamara
    Zometa quadratus lumborum muscle, muscle spasm, electrolyte levels, massage, m due
    In February after receiving Zometa, I twisted my torso to look in the backseat of the car and developed a muscle spasm in the quadratus lumborum muscle in the lower back. This lasted for 3 weeks, and finally resolved with much massage, ibuprofen, and - 77% more...
    Smcnamara- over a year ago - in Zometa
  25. link Guzzete
    Zometa low grade fever, emergancy room, leg cramps, horendous, foli
    Terrible- They say these side effects are rare but: They happened to my dad. He had gotten his first injection of zometa at around 1:00pm. by the time 5:00pm came around he was suffering with sever chills,could not swallow, could not urinate and had - 82% more...
    Guzzete- over a year ago - in Zometa