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  1. link Sunnyd49
    transient tendonitis
    Have you any data concerning long term effects of Zometa on tendons/ligaments?
    Sunnyd49- over a year ago - in Zometa
  2. link Sunnyd49
    Zometa groin muscle pain, upper back muscle pain, tendonitis pain, lab tests, left hand
    I do not know if my symptoms are related to the Zometa treatment I received 11 mos. ago or not but am desperate to come up with some explanation for m - 83% more...
    Sunnyd49- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zometa
  3. link Phillyborn
    postmenopausal woman w/triple negative breast cancer
    Was advised to have a 15-minute IV of Zometa. My onc said it won't do anything for the cancer that has reached my backbone, but will strengthen it, pr - 62% more...
    Phillyborn- over a year ago - in Zometa
  4. link Henrietta
    Zometa fulvestrant, minimal pain, breast cancer, drugs
    I am on Zometa and Fulvestrant for metastatic breast cancer in the bone. Currently I have minimal pain, but I am exhausted. Could it be the side effec - 16% more...
    Henrietta- over a year ago - in Zometa
  5. link Wscott
    Severe legs and lower back pain.
    Has anyone experienced severe legs and back pain from taking Zometa? My wife has taken one infusion of Zometa and four days after her legs and lower b - 56% more...
    Wscott- over a year ago - in Zometa
  6. link Marge888young
    Zometa dissappear, orthodontist, oncologist, numbness, amoxicillin
    after receiving treqatments with zometa, i told my oncologist that i'm feeling numbness on my right lips and chin. then, after several days, i felt my - 51% more...
    Marge888young- over a year ago - in Zometa
  7. link Panowen
    Zometa aleve, tooth pain, oral surgeon, molars, tylenol
    I took 6 treatment of Zometa in 2005 every 3 weeks and at 20 minutes per treatment. I then developed severe tooth pain and after seeing several specia - 74% more...
    Panowen- over a year ago - in Zometa
  8. link Raynonie
    Zometa lung cancer, she cries, hurt so bad, oxycodone, oxycontin
    My mother is on this. She started receiving 1st treatment Sept. 2005. She is now sleeping 1 1/2 hours max at a time at night. Her legs and back hurt s - 47% more...
    Raynonie- over a year ago - in Zometa
  9. link Phyllis.fox
    Zometa jaw bone, lower jaw, surgerys, terrible thing, ruin
    I was on Zometa for a couple of years. I ended up with what they call Dead Jaw. I have had 2 surgerys on my jaw . The bone in my mouth will never be t - 67% more...
    Phyllis.fox- over a year ago - in Zometa
  10. link Dennis312
    Zometa low grade fever
    Severe back and side pain two days after receiving Zometa and constant low grade fever.
    Dennis312- over a year ago - in Zometa
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