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  1. link Ashley24
    pregnancy during zoladex
    can you get pregnant whilst have zoladex injections? I went 6 weeks before having my next injection I have been haveing all kinds of symptoms.
    Ashley24- over a year ago - in Zoladex
  2. link Dollypannell
    Not having a period after zoledex
    Is it normal to not have a period for several months after stopping the Zoledex injections?
    Dollypannell- over a year ago - in Zoladex
  3. link Mpbuttonuk
    Zoladex side effects
    Hi Can anyone tell me if they have Zoladex every 4 weeks whether they find it wears off in week 3? Only this is happening to me and I want to know if - 27% more...
    Mpbuttonuk- over a year ago - in Zoladex
  4. link Jamie1
    Zoladex urination
    constant feeling of having to urinate
    Jamie1- over a year ago - in Zoladex
  5. link Lmfuller
    Zoladex hot flashes, excessive sweating, weight gain
    Hot flashes, excessive sweating (especially at night), WEIGHT GAIN
    Lmfuller- over a year ago - in Zoladex
  6. link Junebug
    Zoladex inability to lose weight, hot flashes
    Hot flashes. Sweating. Inability to lose weight easily.
    Junebug- over a year ago - in Zoladex
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