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  1. link Djhendrid
    Heat issues after given zofram.
    Why on my way to ERI was treated nt EMT iwh zofran throuhg, after bein give the drue my heart started beating very fast then My heart stopped beating - 36% more...
    Djhendrid- over a year ago - in Zofran
  2. link Sherry Loyd
    Was on zofran over6 months
    I was put on zofran from being nausea, from that I was transported to er by ambulance with blood pressure sky high and head felt like it was going to - 75% more...
    Sherry Loyd- over a year ago - in Zofran
  3. link Maryrey
    Throwing up!!
    Just got back from the ER for abdominal pains, bloating and slight nasuea. They gave me zofran and now Im throwing up non stop. I feel like I have the - 47% more...
    Maryrey- over a year ago - in Zofran
  4. link Mindylynn
    Zofran Caused Heart Problems
    Was admitted to hospital for a virus and was given Zofran thru IV. I became more nauseated and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest - 76% more...
    Mindylynn- over a year ago - in Zofran
  5. link Silvergirl2783
    Zofran and reglan during pregnancy/baby with brain problems
    When i was pregnant i had severe nausea and they put me on a reglan pump and I was also on zofran a little while before the reglan pump. My daughter i - 73% more...
    Silvergirl2783- over a year ago - in Zofran
  6. link Rumalev
    Zofran / sulfites
    Does Zofran contain sulfites?
    Rumalev- over a year ago - in Zofran
  7. link Yellowdaisy
    Zofran fish oil, frequent basis, stools, nausea, medication
    This medication has been very effective for me, who suffers from nausea on a frequent basis and does not know yet for a 100% cause of it. It is possib - 68% more...
    Yellowdaisy- over a year ago - in Zofran
  8. link Alphaomega
    Zofran nutrition issue, old fashioned recipes, taking drugs, times women, pharmaceutical industry
    Stop taking drugs while pregnant!! Here, in the US, they kill our babies by making then sick through these drugs. In old times women were not allowed - 73% more...
    Alphaomega- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zofran
  9. link Daysgoby05
    Chronic Constipation?
    Is it possible to be constipated because of the Zofran after you've stopped taking the medicine? My system still is messed up and got constipated beca - 73% more...
    Daysgoby05- over a year ago - in Zofran
  10. link Daysgoby05
    Zofran vegitarian diet, vomitting, senna, irritable bowel, whole time
    I took Zofran after a terrible Migraine with severe vomiting. I was given it in the hospital and then I was on it for about 4 days. I was constipated - 79% more...
    Daysgoby05- over a year ago - in Zofran
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