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  1. link Gbgentleman
    Easily angered when taking Zetia
    Normally an easy going person I experienced a very unusual side effect to taking Zetia. I got very angry for no reason sometimes. It took almost nothi - 53% more...
    Gbgentleman- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zetia
  2. link Mkastner74
    zetia vs leg cramps
    I been using Zeria for about 8 months for about a month I been having very bad leg cramps specialty at night, has anyone experienced the same problem?
    Mkastner74- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zetia
  3. link Klq
    Zetia pain in the left side, headache, zetia, statin, bad news
    I have been taking Zetia for only 5 days, after waking this morning, I started getting what I'll call an eye "wave" which affected both eyes - 40% more...
    Klq- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zetia
  4. link Bambi
    Similarities between Zetia and Statins
    I've just had an occurrence of transglobal amnesia and am wondering if Zetia could be the cause.
    Bambi- over a year ago - in Zetia
  5. link Ockerkj
    Zetia reason surgeon, lower abdominal pain, bouts, short breaks, hospitalization
    I have been taking Zetia(10 mgm) for over 6 months with short breaks when I was sick or took antibiotics. My gut has not been right since. I have had - 74% more...
    Ockerkj- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zetia
  6. link Suzanne24
    eye problems and headaches
    I heard in the Pill book that the Number 1 side effect of Zetia is Headache, how come the Pharmacy where you pick up your prescription of it, doesn't - 25% more...
    Suzanne24- over a year ago - in Zetia
  7. link Ladyofherbals
    Zetia sensation, toes
    I was on zetia for 2 weeks and developed a severe burning itch all over my body, from head to toes. I stopped taking it and the sensation is slowly go - 6% more...
    Ladyofherbals- over a year ago - in Zetia
  8. link Jackies
    zetia with omega 3
    Does zetia absorb omega 3? Is it still beneficial to take omega 3 even though it maybe mostly absorbed by zetia?
    Jackies- over a year ago - in Zetia
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