Zestril Side Effects

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  1. link Heathnut55
    Zestril nasal drip, uvula, elongation, saliva, 4 months
    Have used for 4 months. It caused elongation of my Uvula located at the back of my throat. When I cough I start to gag. I was visiting my doc's office, and complained about the gagging. He saw that I was using Zestril 20mg for HB pressure. He said he - 61% more...
    Heathnut55- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zestril
  2. link Venuspluto67
    The stuff you took is a brand name for Lisinopril. The side-effect reports for Lisinopril are well into the 2000's and will likely soon reach the 2,500 range. A whole bunch of people have written reports subsequent to the one I posted on Saturday aft - 9% more...
    Venuspluto67- over a year ago
  3. link Cpiccinotti
    Zestril muscle cramps, abdominal muscle, irritability, constipation, anxiety
    abdominal muscle cramps, constipation, anxiety, irritability
    Cpiccinotti- over a year ago - in Zestril
  4. link Wgc
    Zestril warm sensation, heat rate
    I get a warm sensation, in my chest no pain or increase in heat rate, just a warm feeling,
    Wgc- over a year ago - in Zestril
  5. link Tyrone_powell
    Zestril muscle cramps, leg tendons, frequent urination, abdominal muscle, gouty
    frequent urination, abdominal muscle cramps and gouty pain in leg tendons
    Tyrone_powell- over a year ago - in Zestril
  6. link Dolores
    Zestril cough
    Dolores- over a year ago - in Zestril