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  1. link Judithpoodith
    Zantac stomach cramps, memory loss, shortness of breath, agitation, few words
    Depression in a person who was never depressive, agitation, crying, stomach cramps, some memory loss (names/words) and cannot speak fluently, due to t - 31% more...
    Judithpoodith- over a year ago - in Zantac
  2. link Pskbox
    Zantac pepcid famotidine, stomach cramp, hiatal hernia, memory issue, acid reflux
    I'm 46 living with GERD and Hiatal Hernia diagnosed 5years ago. Since then I've been taking Zantac 300mg daily. It does help me avoid acid-reflux and - 86% more...
    Pskbox- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zantac
  3. link Jm0610
    How long can you take Zantac 150? Zantac 300?
    How long can you take Zantac 150? Zantac 300? Does it lose effectiveness over time? Do acid cells proliferate, in order to make up for suppressed cell - 22% more...
    Jm0610- over a year ago - in Zantac
  4. link Cejmespo
    zantac sude effects
    Do Zantac caused blurred vision, weakness in limbs and feeling as if you are about to fall?
    Cejmespo- over a year ago - in Zantac
  5. link Maxekin
    prolonged use of zantac
    I have been taking zantac for more then a year now for acid reflux,I am also on Micardis and alprazolem.My bowels have been moving like water and undi - 38% more...
    Maxekin- over a year ago - in Zantac
  6. link Teeee
    Zantac stomach cramps, stomach pain, ulcer pain, trapped gas, breathlessness
    Have been taking zantac 300 for about two weeks. At the beginning, took it in the mornings but fatigue was so extreme that I had to switch to taking i - 85% more...
    Teeee- over a year ago - in Zantac
  7. link Marcus
    Zantac zantac 150, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, barium test, cant sleep
    i have had problems with acid reflux for approx 5 years now and have tried everything pretty much. i first went for tests and they did the one where y - 86% more...
    Marcus- over a year ago - in Zantac
  8. link Dkerr
    I have allergies to penicillin and prilosec
    Is it safe for me to take Zantac 300. I discovered histamine reactions recently to Prilosec, similar to my reactions to penicillin. After reading that - 41% more...
    Dkerr- over a year ago - in Zantac
  9. link Musicmaven
    Zantac extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, depression, breasts, medication
    Oops. Side effects I'm having are depression, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue.
    Musicmaven- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zantac
  10. link Musicmaven
    Zantac aciphex, bedtime, gerd
    Have been taking Zantac for about a week. 300 mg at bedtime along with Aciphex, 20 mg in the morning. I've been on Aciphex for several years. These ar - 10% more...
    Musicmaven- over a year ago - in Zantac
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