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  1. link Normavreyes
    Open Heart Surgery after 11 yrs of taking Yutopar
    I was 6 months pregnant when i was injected with Yutopar with steriods. The doctor told me that would help her lungs develop if they were not develope - 84% more...
    Normavreyes- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  2. link Alice_1987
    Yutopar restless leg syndrome, heart palpitation, pain during pregnancy, chills, flu like
    The pills Yutopar gave me orally did help with the pain during pregnancy when I was between 26-32 weeks, but they definitely can become troublesome at - 67% more...
    Alice_1987- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  3. link Kappa
    Yutopar broad spectrum antibiotic, levaquin levofloxacin, broad spectrum antibiotics, different types of bacteria, viral illnesses
    Levaquin Levaquin (levofloxacin) is an antibiotic used to treat a variety of different infections in adults, including: Sinus infections , Bronchitis, - 90% more...
    Kappa- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  4. link Kappa
    Yutopar beta agonists, post partum hemorrhage, beta 2 agonists, insulin requirements, muscle relaxation
    Ritodrine hydrochloride (trade name Yutopar) is a tocolytic drug, used to stop premature labor. It is available in oral tablets or as an injection. Me - 89% more...
    Kappa- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  5. link Kate_kazlowska
    Yutopar bio medical, bed rest, tachycardia, medical sciences, sth
    I have received Ritodrine 2 pills (orally) in the hospital, yesterday, since I had an unilateral pain even when I did not move, but was just laying do - 88% more...
    Kate_kazlowska- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  6. link Spencerv2
    Yutopar labour ward, dim lights, breathlessness, lung function, drip
    I was given Yutopar via a drip at 22 weeks pregnant and as a result had three fits. It was immediately stopped and I was taken to a labor ward with di - 75% more...
    Spencerv2- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  7. link Charly14
    Yutopar friendship problems, confidence issues, drip, weights
    I was prescribed a Yutopar drip when I was 22 weeks pregnant for 8weeks and then orally for 4 weeks. my daughter who is now 25yrs was born at full ter - 62% more...
    Charly14- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  8. link Ranjan
    Post Yutopar usage
    How long does it take to deliver a child once we stop taking Yutopar?
    Ranjan- over a year ago - in Yutopar
  9. link Casandra_j
    Yutopar social anxiety disorder, signs of premature labor, only assume that, 24 years old, being told that
    My mother recently told me that she was put on a Yutopar drip when she was pregnant with me to delay premature labor in 1983. I am now 24 years old an - 93% more...
    Casandra_j- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Yutopar
  10. link Nanetracy
    Yutopar baby girl, learning disablity, lossing weight, unborn child, nauses
    I'm a 40 year old mother of three children, my first child was a full term delivery, my second I was losing weight and went into premature labor at ro - 89% more...
    Nanetracy- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Yutopar
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