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  1. link Lindawimert1
    Xeloda broken blood vessels, laser treatments, dermatologists, plastic surgeon, rash on
    I took Xeloda 4 years ago, six months of treatment. I developed red spots all over the backs of my hands and tops of fingers. For 4 years, I have been - 78% more...
    Lindawimert1- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Xeloda
  2. link Jimhorner
    Xeloda disease history, xaloda, heart attack, heart disease
    Suffered a major heart attack 2 days into xaloda with no heart disease history at all
    Jimhorner- over a year ago - in Xeloda
  3. link Arasteh
    Xeloda abdominal pain, three times
    My father after 4 week taking Xeloda has got abdominal pain & diarrhea (two to three times in a day)
    Arasteh- over a year ago - in Xeloda
  4. link Pbartholomew
    Xeloda hoxsey clinic, mouth sores, chemo, organs, poison
    My father had such severe mouth sores that he could not eat for 2 weeks which eventually led to his organs shutting down which in the end led to his d - 69% more...
    Pbartholomew- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Xeloda
  5. link Lulubelle
    Xeloda renal failure
    shakes,high levels of electrolytes,acidosis,severe diar,renal failure,labored breathing
    Lulubelle- over a year ago - in Xeloda
  6. link Blackboxthisdrug
    Xeloda acid levels, roche, deaths, literature, drugs
    There has been at least two documented cases of women having extremely high acid levels due to taking Xeloda. These high levels ultimately caused thei - 68% more...
    Blackboxthisdrug- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Xeloda
  7. link Jhogan
    Xeloda cancer growth, desperatly, thanks in advance
    Hi, My wife feet have been hurting from using Xeloda (red and burning). The drug is working on stopping the cancer growth so she desperatly wants to c - 48% more...
    Jhogan- over a year ago - in Xeloda
  8. link Decocktt
    I am going to start
    I just want to hear some testimonials
    Decocktt- over a year ago - in Xeloda
  9. link Naomi
    Xeloda diarrhea
    actually, my diarrhea didn't start until I had finished the xeloda pills of 10 per for 7 days. Then I had diarrhea everyday for 14 days. I
    Naomi- over a year ago - in Xeloda
  10. link Naomi
    Xeloda bad time, being sick, cramps
    I have had a bad time with cramps and being sick from the first Day. I would like to know if any one has had any problems
    Naomi- over a year ago - in Xeloda
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