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  1. link Genierose
    vivelle patch
    does the patch have a higher amount of estrogen than the pills. what is the lowest and equal to the pills
    Genierose- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  2. link Walshj
    Vivelle vivelle patch, dull headache, black outs, hot flashes, neck pain
    I had a hysterectomy and developed nightsweats and hot flashes. The doctor gave me the Vivelle patch and I was fine for 3 months. I took it off for ab - 79% more...
    Walshj- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Vivelle
  3. link Dollwoman
    Vivelle night sweats, wedding ring, bloated, abdomen, severely
    Six years ago used Vivelle and gained 15 lbs. Went off and lost the weight. Have had severe night sweats, so I tried .05 mg Vivelle. Within 24 hours I - 43% more...
    Dollwoman- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  4. link Gt70605
    Vivelle vs Vivelle Dot
    Is there a difference in the two other than size?
    Gt70605- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  5. link Oneal_g
    Vivelle vivelle dot, fluid retention, hysterectomy, weight gain, bodybuilder
    39 year complete hysterectomy 4 years ago, bodybuilder usiing vivelle dot.. need help with fluid retention and weight gain.
    Oneal_g- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  6. link Jasohio
    Vivelle hormone treatments, hysterectomy, july 1
    I am a 35 year old female who as of July 1,2006 am 8 years status post total abdomial hysterectomy. Following my surgery my physician tried several ho - 50% more...
    Jasohio- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  7. link Ddxtwo
    Vivelle vivelle dot, turn my head, vertigo, prayers, have been unable
    I have been on the vivelle dot .05 for only 1 month - It seemed like the answer to my prayers until 3 days ago when I started suffering the worst vert - 65% more...
    Ddxtwo- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  8. link Rs30019
    Vivelle hysterctomy, weight gain
    I had a hysterctomy the 10th of June and I have gained 14 lbs. in three months. Could this weight gain be linked to the patch and if so what could I d - 12% more...
    Rs30019- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  9. link Sjd201
    Vivelle vivelle patch, hot flashes, menstral cycle, night sweats, noticable
    I have been wearing the patch for 4 weeks now. I am wearing the Vivelle patch to treat night sweats and hot flashes. It is working great! I have not s - 45% more...
    Sjd201- over a year ago - in Vivelle
  10. link Sjd201
    Vivelle menstral cycle, hormone patch
    I was to start my menstral cycle on 8/25/05 it is now 9/12/05. How does the hormone patch affect my menstral cycle?
    Sjd201- over a year ago - in Vivelle
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