Ventolin Side Effects

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  1. link Caritiqui
    Tremors, Hallucinations, Memory issues on Ventolin
    I took Ventolin as a child for Bronchitis and immediately became sick. I spent the next 2-3 years hallucinating frequently at night, having tremors and memory issues. I even remember hallucinating in the middle of class; yelling and screaming that th - 73% more...
    Caritiqui- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  2. link Breezer
    Ventolin pupil, asthma
    My 2 yr old son also uses Ventolin for asthma and I have noticed his pupil become very enlarged also and stuttering lately. I worry about the long term use of this in such a young child, but what are my alternative I wonder.
    Breezer- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  3. link Moisesbb
    ventolin - steroid
    does regular use of ventolin cause side effects produced by steroid leading to pain in the back?
    Moisesbb- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  4. link Txall
    Ventolin 6 years, medication
    My 7yr old daughter has been taking Ventolin for 6 years, however she can not sit still. Her teacher has also noticed it and wondered if this is down to her medication. She is dependent on it for easy breathing. Just wondered if any one else has noti - 11% more...
    Txall- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  5. link Dtmcelrea
    Ventolin mild nausea, heart race
    ventolin makes my heart race and I feel anxious with mild nausea
    Dtmcelrea- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  6. link Splasher1st
    Ventolin inhalers, weight gain, steroid
    I believe that some of my weight gain has been from the "mild" steroid used in inhalers. Any one else?
    Splasher1st- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  7. link Hastings1222
    Ventolin heart palpitations, sore throat, have noticed that, shortness of breath, viruses
    i have been on this medication for about 5 years now. and i have noticed that i have developed heart palpitations on it, but i cant live without it for exercise, viruses etc. i also wake up in the morning with a sore throat, since i take it in the ni - 29% more...
    Hastings1222- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  8. link Mjconnick
    Ventolin numbness in face, weakness in arms, arms and legs, stairs
    Numbness in face , weakness in arms and legs when going up the stairs.
    Mjconnick- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  9. link Mariavioque
    Ventolin more than fifteen years, pupil, have noticed that, contraction, atleast
    My husband has been ussing ventolin for more than fifteen years every day atleast twice a day. He said he need, even if he feels fine. But I just have noticed that he always has eyes pupil contraction, his pupil doesn't react to the different intensi - 30% more...
    Mariavioque- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  10. link Ed.andrukow
    Ventolin muscle cramps, headaches, heart burn, muscle pain
    I suffered from headaches, muscle pain, muscle cramps and heart burn. I almost never have headaches and when using Ventolin I have one every day
    Ed.andrukow- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  11. link Elfie86
    Ventolin ventolin inhaler, stutter
    i tend to stutter if i used my ventolin inhaler on a daily basis.
    Elfie86- over a year ago - in Ventolin