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  1. link Caritiqui
    Tremors, Hallucinations, Memory issues on Ventolin
    I took Ventolin as a child for Bronchitis and immediately became sick. I spent the next 2-3 years hallucinating frequently at night, having tremors an - 84% more...
    Caritiqui- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  2. link Breezer
    Ventolin pupil, asthma
    My 2 yr old son also uses Ventolin for asthma and I have noticed his pupil become very enlarged also and stuttering lately. I worry about the long ter - 34% more...
    Breezer- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  3. link Moisesbb
    ventolin - steroid
    does regular use of ventolin cause side effects produced by steroid leading to pain in the back?
    Moisesbb- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  4. link Txall
    Ventolin 6 years, medication
    My 7yr old daughter has been taking Ventolin for 6 years, however she can not sit still. Her teacher has also noticed it and wondered if this is down - 47% more...
    Txall- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  5. link Dtmcelrea
    Ventolin mild nausea, heart race
    ventolin makes my heart race and I feel anxious with mild nausea
    Dtmcelrea- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  6. link Splasher1st
    Ventolin inhalers, weight gain, steroid
    I believe that some of my weight gain has been from the "mild" steroid used in inhalers. Any one else?
    Splasher1st- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  7. link Hastings1222
    Ventolin heart palpitations, sore throat, have noticed that, shortness of breath, viruses
    i have been on this medication for about 5 years now. and i have noticed that i have developed heart palpitations on it, but i cant live without it fo - 57% more...
    Hastings1222- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  8. link Mjconnick
    Ventolin numbness in face, weakness in arms, arms and legs, stairs
    Numbness in face , weakness in arms and legs when going up the stairs.
    Mjconnick- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  9. link Mariavioque
    Ventolin more than fifteen years, pupil, have noticed that, contraction, atleast
    My husband has been ussing ventolin for more than fifteen years every day atleast twice a day. He said he need, even if he feels fine. But I just have - 58% more...
    Mariavioque- over a year ago - in Ventolin
  10. link Ed.andrukow
    Ventolin muscle cramps, headaches, heart burn, muscle pain
    I suffered from headaches, muscle pain, muscle cramps and heart burn. I almost never have headaches and when using Ventolin I have one every day
    Ed.andrukow- over a year ago - in Ventolin
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