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  1. link Skygram
    After hours of online research, I finally found a list of the active ingredients in V-C Forte. They are-- Active Ingredients: antioxidant vitamins wit - 70% more...
    Skygram- over a year ago - in V-C Forte
  2. link Pumpkins
    What are the ingredients in V-C Forte
    Could you tell me exactly what vitamins and minerals are in v-c forte. Also the mg. I also wanted to know if biotin was in v-c forte. Thank you.
    Pumpkins- over a year ago - in V-C Forte
  3. link Nanni18in
    active ingredients and composition
    Can you please tell me about the composition and the percentage and the exact dosage of the different vitamins and minerals in vicon forte?
    Nanni18in- over a year ago - in V-C Forte
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