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  1. link Wlgragg
    Trileptal dizzieness, sun exposure, impotency, 30 minutes, liver failure
    Sensitivity to sun exposure, dizziness about 30 minutes after BID dosage of 450mg. I am taking t-leptal following neurosurgery 12 yrs ago. I am experi - 50% more...
    Wlgragg- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Trileptal
  2. link Stacykbp
    My husband is on 1200mg of Trileptal daily following neurosurgery 3 years ago. He is about to be 28 so, I can tell you that it is not your age. I know - 34% more...
    Stacykbp- over a year ago
  3. link Stacykbp
    Trileptal anticonvulsant medication, exhaustion, seizures, crappy, meds
    My husband take 1200mg of Trileptal a day to control his seizures. This is the 3rd anticonvulsant medication he has tried and so far it's the best yet - 75% more...
    Stacykbp- over a year ago - in Trileptal
  4. link Rgeiger2010
    Mirena time insertion, lower abdomen, heating pad, drop of a hat, broken bone
    I've had mine in now for 4 days... does this awful cramping EVER stop? I historically have really bad cramps during my period, but these are beyond wh - 76% more...
    Rgeiger2010- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Mirena
  5. link Stacykbp
    I really hope that you get my message...I was in the same shoes as you. Never had a baby and had the mirena put in when I got married. I was bent over - 87% more...
    Stacykbp- over a year ago