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    Mirena dizziness, 5 months, sinus ct, mirena, meclizine
    I had my Mirena removed 4 1/2 weeks ago and I am still experiencing dizziness. I had posted previously that it was gone 2 days after the Mirena was re - 35% more...
    Mjplower- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Mirena
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    Mirena extreme fatigue, touch my body, anti depressants, baby weight, blood count
    I had the Mirena inserted a little over a year ago. Over the last year, I've grown increasingly not myself...wanted to crawl into bed and do nothing. - 97% more...
    Kinderkat- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Mirena
  3. link Mjplower
    I am in agreement with you on every point. I could have pretty much wrote that post because I have thought all of those thoughts through my own experi - 4% more...
    Mjplower- over a year ago
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    Mirena sinus congestion, muscle pain and stiffness, brain fog, cold chills, burning sensations
    I had Mirena put in July 6, 2007. It was 2 months after the birth of my son. I felt wonderful before it was put in. I was excited about being a mom to - 97% more...
    Mjplower- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirena