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  1. link Misssara
    Aldactone distention, pcos, tiredness, headaches, medication
    I'm taking Aldactone for PCOS and was exhausted with terrible headaches for the first few months. I have taken this medication on 2 different occasion - 60% more...
    Misssara- over a year ago - in Aldactone
  2. link Anniea
    Plan B breast bone, neck pain, signs of hiv, hiv test, difficulty breathing
    share pains in upper right shoulder and breast bone area hard to turn body,painful breathing,spotting to a normal cylce, nausea,neck pain.
    Anniea- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Plan B
  3. link Misssara
    After I took plan B, I seriously felt as if I'd been poisoned. I was absolutely exhausted, felt as though someone was sitting on my chest, horrible he - 71% more...
    Misssara- over a year ago