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  1. link Jsharp07
    Lortab chemicals, money
    My husband (soon to be ex) for this reason, has not wanted to have sex since December 2008, he hides money, and is not the person I thought I married. - 48% more...
    Jsharp07- over a year ago - in Lortab
  2. link Agentspectra
    Lortab gallbladder surgery, sinus infections, pharmacutical company, anti depressants, crazy side
    I've taken loratab for several different things, after Birth of my son, after gallbladder surgery, sinus infections and so on.. This may sound odd, an - 88% more...
    Agentspectra- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Lortab
  3. link Jsharp07
    You are addicted to this medication. You take it when you have a sinus infection? why dont you just take when you have a hang nail? And even after giv - 43% more...
    Jsharp07- over a year ago