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    Ring Ears
    I had my last period a little over a year ago. My doctor says I am post-menopausal. I thought symptoms would get better not continue The one symptom t - 63% more...
    Dusty1- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in Menopause
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    Hi, in answer to your questions: First, no, since I'm a man I didn't start having tinnitus due to menopause (sorry I didn't make that clear...) Origin - 93% more...
    Jg50- over a year ago
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    I have been afflicted with tinnitus for several years now but it was originally much worse than now. After doing quite a bit of research, I have found - 65% more...
    Jg50- over a year ago
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    Naproxen Sodium mouth sores, backaches, aleve, naproxen, tinnitus
    I have been taking two 220 mg. Naproxen Sodium tablets (Aleve) twice per day for backaches, for the past three to four weeks. I am sensitive to ibupro - 60% more...
    Jg50- over a year ago - in Naproxen Sodium