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    Limbrel extreme thirst, chills, fever, third time, goodness
    September 20 2997 - Have had three separate incidents after taking Limbrel for a few weeks. All were the same - chills shivering , extreme thirst, fev - 48% more...
    394264- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Limbrel
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    Yes, thank goodness for your post. I have had this as well, now a third time. I had fevers of 104 and they lasted for days. Had difficultly getting it - 33% more...
    Hjadkins3- over a year ago
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    Limbrel weakness and fatigue, ivs, homeopathy, third time, diarrhea
    Took Limbrel for 1 week and started experiencing fevers for 7+ days some of which were over 103+. Had significant body aches, diarrhea, weakness and f - 75% more...
    Hjadkins3- over a year ago - in Limbrel