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  1. link Smacky
    What other names does this go by?
    I'm trying to find info on this drug, but there's nothing here! What other names does valproic acid go by?? Thanks!
    Smacky- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Valproic Acid
  2. link Heather03
    I am sure this is the same drug I am on and have been on for many years for mood stabilization. Some other names for this drug are Valpro, Sodium Valp - 22% more...
    Heather03- over a year ago
  3. link Heather03
    Prozac epileptic seizure, valpro, shopping complex, bad experience, drugs
    Unfortunately, I had a bad experience while on trial with Prozac...I had an epileptic seizure. (in a shopping complex!) Was taken off immediately. Am - 49% more...
    Heather03- over a year ago - in Prozac
  4. link Rsmurk
    famvir and the elderly
    My dad was diagnosed with herpes zoster..a significant case. He was placed on famvir. Within 3 days he was getting weaker and spiking temps. Two days - 81% more...
    Rsmurk- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Famvir
  5. link Heather03
    Did your father improve?! And is he back to his normal self? I have had to go on this drug and have to take the full course. I also feel confused and - 58% more...
    Heather03- over a year ago