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  1. link Cmcoop
    Clomid 3 rounds, adverse side effects
    After 3 rounds of 50 mg Clomid, I experienced numerous adverse side effects.
    Cmcoop- over a year ago - in Clomid
  2. link Lizzie67
    Clomid anxiety, panic attack, severe mood swings, anxiety panic, panic attacks
    Since taking Clomid, Ive suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. I wondered if this has happened to anyone else and what they did to get back to norm - 7% more...
    Lizzie67- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Clomid
  3. link Cmcoop
    I also had anxiety, panic attacks, and severe mood swings and thoughts of suicide. I ended up needing to be hospitalized to help me "come down.&q - 55% more...
    Cmcoop- over a year ago