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    Methadone Hydrochloride fentanyl patches, methadone side effects, one of the lucky ones, physical signs, bone grafts
    I'm 47 yrs old now, & have been on Methadone since 92'. My journey with pain started at age 11 yrs, when i had a disease that totally screwed me u - 98% more...
    Call63- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
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    Lisinopril personality changes, anti depressants, free rein, cesspool, office chair
    I've been taking Lisinopril now for almost 7 yrs yrs. Over those 7 yr's, I've became a totally different person, & almost lost my family because o - 94% more...
    Call63- over a year ago - in Lisinopril