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    Ventolin pupil, asthma
    My 2 yr old son also uses Ventolin for asthma and I have noticed his pupil become very enlarged also and stuttering lately. I worry about the long ter - 34% more...
    Breezer- over a year ago - in Ventolin
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    Singulair pharmicist, behaviour change, hospitalization, use of steroids, educator
    My 2 year old son was put on singulair 2 weeks ago after his 5th hospitalization for asthma. I had heard negative things about use of steroids for ast - 83% more...
    Breezer- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Singulair
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    yes I definately agree, thanks for your reply.
    Breezer- over a year ago
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    thankyou for your reply, I have discontinued his singulair medication as of last night and am trying something called flixotide (inhaler) fingers cros - 52% more...
    Breezer- over a year ago