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    Mirena liars, drs office, good experience, attitude, office
    I think you guys are all crazy liars. I have mine and I love it also I work in a GYN office and I've asked the other women who had it inserted and the - 11% more...
    Ang80179- over a year ago - 19 Replies - in Mirena
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    Relax people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She probably just said that to get a rise out of you anyway and you all fell for the bait.
    Brandnewb4u- over a year ago
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    Mirena pamphlets, cramps, hormones, insertion, excuse
    I love it. I've had it for a week now. Very little spotting, minimal cramps, and no discharge. I was told of the side effects, and knew all of this be - 86% more...
    Brandnewb4u- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Mirena
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    I say what I feel...and honestly don't try to offend, but I am not the type to keep my mouth closed because I am afaid to offend. I said in my last po - 92% more...
    Brandnewb4u- over a year ago
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    I understand everyone's worry, and understand it has different reactions to people's bodies. I'm giving it time, and hopefully it keeps going as smoot - 79% more...
    Brandnewb4u- over a year ago
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    I will tolerate a lot if it means no babies. Cramping, nausea, mood changes are nothing compared to a screaming, whining, child and a ruined life. you - 80% more...
    Brandnewb4u- over a year ago