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  1. link Boxingofficial
    Fentanyl fentanyl patches, strange sensations, watching the clock, pain doctor, suboxone
    Hi this is the first time I have posted anything or had any knowledge of how helpful this could be, so here I go Ive been on Fentanyl patches for abou - 92% more...
    Boxingofficial- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Fentanyl
  2. link Claa832
    Fentanyl peripherial neuropathy, neuropathy pain, fentynal patch, withdrawals, back surgeries
    My husband is on the fentynal patch. When it is about time for it to be replaced (about 72 hrs) he starts getting weird feelings in his hands and feet - 69% more...
    Claa832- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Fentanyl
  3. link Boxingofficial
    I too get weird feelings but on day 2. I was told that its probally my body wanting more of the fentanyl and after 8 months being on this Ive figured - 79% more...
    Boxingofficial- over a year ago