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  1. link Annany
    Singulair allergy issues, asthma attack, running nose, purple belt, homeopathy
    I would like to know who is NOT experiencing side effects from Singulair. We are not. My 7 years old started Singulair three months ago because of all - 90% more...
    Annany- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Singulair
  2. link Annany
    Piercemom, she takes 5 miligrams, once a day. Do you think is too much?
    Annany- over a year ago
  3. link Annany
    Singulair pulmonologist, fish oil, prednisolone, steroids, vitamin c
    I wrote a post few days ago about Singulair and how great my daughter is doing since she started to take this medication three months ago. Then I star - 90% more...
    Annany- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Singulair
  4. link Joshnabbey
    Singulair allergy issues, prescription meds, little girl, ears, medication
    My 3 year old is on 5mg of singular daily for her constant allergy issues and has had NO trouble at all with it. Her personality has not changed.. she - 79% more...
    Joshnabbey- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Singulair
  5. link Annany
    Hello Joshnabbey..I am glad to read your post because I feel a little better knowing that there is someone else who is not experiencing side effects f - 90% more...
    Annany- over a year ago
  6. link Lessa621
    Singulair dramatic change, monster, 5 years old, asthma attack, behavior problems
    My daughter is 5 years old and has been on singulair for 1 week. i have already noticed a dramatic change in her behavior. she has become irritable, m - 50% more...
    Lessa621- over a year ago - 44 Replies - in Singulair
  7. link Annany
    My daughter is 7. She has had asthma since she was three. The pulmonologist wanted to put her on singular many times but I always refused because of a - 86% more...
    Annany- over a year ago