Tylox Side Effects

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  1. link Rxmchale
    side effects
    Is there any major side effects to expired tylox capsules??
    Rxmchale- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tylox
  2. link Terriep702
    Is there any side effect???? I still haven't found them. thank you
    Terriep702- over a year ago
  3. link Dirksneath
    Length of time in system
    How long does Tylox stay in your system and how long after last dose should you be able to consume alcohol. Am currently taking no more than one or two per day, skipping some days.
    Dirksneath- over a year ago - in Tylox
  4. link Willypexp
    Tylox painful gums, overwhelming joy, portion, job
    I found myself with a feeling of overwhelming joy. Mostly sedated a good portion of the day, leaving me with a tingly body high. I definitel gums.y did the job for my extremely painful gums.
    Willypexp- over a year ago - in Tylox