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  1. link Staypositive
    Trivora affects on ovulation
    How long after stopping the pill did it take for your body to start ovulating again?
    Staypositive- over a year ago - in Trivora
  2. link Jennreyn
    reminder pills
    I accidentally started taking my next pack - i forgot it was my reminder pills week. Should I stop and restart next week or should I continue on my cu - 7% more...
    Jennreyn- over a year ago - in Trivora
  3. link Spirit2007
    Trivora birth control pills, type of birth control, birth control pill, stomach pains, retaining water
    I started taking Trivora in June, 2008. I had to stop taking it after 2-1/2 weeks because I was extremely hungry, tired and was had gained 5 to 7lbs d - 91% more...
    Spirit2007- over a year ago - in Trivora
  4. link Idrislove
    Trivora extreme nausea, stomach pains, loss of appetite, scare
    Ive just started this pill and already I'm going to have to stop. I've had severe diarrhea, stomach pains and loss of appetite due to the scare of hav - 50% more...
    Idrislove- over a year ago - in Trivora
  5. link Sprouts2007
    If u miss a day 2 weeks ago and then haven't missed since and u are in week one, how effective against pregnancy if the guy cums inside the girl?
    Sprouts2007- over a year ago - in Trivora
  6. link Fifi1
    Trivora ortho tri cyclen, orth tri cyclen, rash, clears
    I have been on Trivora for 2 1/2 months since they switched me from orth tri-cyclen. Since I have been on these pills I notice that it breaks me out i - 65% more...
    Fifi1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Trivora
  7. link Sarahdonaldson
    why is trivora still on the market if it has such severe side effects?
    i was on orthotriclclen and then unkowningly the clinic i was going to, to get my pills switched me to orthotricyclen-lo and i started to expierence c - 82% more...
    Sarahdonaldson- over a year ago - in Trivora
  8. link Eas46
    Trivora spotting between periods, orthotricyclen lo, yasmin, headaches
    good for about two years, then horrible cramping, headaches, and horrible spotting between was like i had a period year round. I then swi - 52% more...
    Eas46- over a year ago - in Trivora
  9. link Prettymama20_2004
    Trivora heart failure, chest x ray, 3 year old, ekg, i am thinking
    Been on it for 3 months... Nothing but problems. I even had to go as far as getting an EKG done, and a chest X-ray, because all my symptoms were also - 65% more...
    Prettymama20_2004- over a year ago - in Trivora
  10. link Kirstenlee
    I don't have any,,,,,just trying to get on the board
    Kirstenlee- over a year ago - in Trivora
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