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  1. link Califguy916
    Eye Twitching caused by Travatan Z?
    The next day after starting Travatan Z my right eye started twitching. It feels like a nerve in my eye is jumping. I never had that problem before I s - 27% more...
    Califguy916- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Travatan Z
  2. link Lucille39
    Can Travatan cause a clicking in the ear.
    I have been taking Travatan Z for about 6 months but only 2 months in the right eye. I am experiencing a clicking in my right ear and also can hear my - 32% more...
    Lucille39- over a year ago - in Travatan Z
  3. link Neldathompson
    Travatan Z travatan, eyebrows, rash, burns, bridge
    I have used Travantan Z for 5 years. The redness gets worse the longer it is taken. Recently abt 6 months ago, I have a begun having redness around my - 70% more...
    Neldathompson- over a year ago - in Travatan Z
  4. link Goranericson
    The effect of Travatan Z vs Xalatan ?
    How is the effect and side effect of Travatan Z vs. Xalatan ? Best regards G. Gothenburg Sweden
    Goranericson- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Travatan Z
  5. link Ranichase
    side effect of Travatan Z
    My body has been really sore and achy since I started using this Travatan Z. Is this a possible side effect of this drug?
    Ranichase- over a year ago - in Travatan Z
  6. link Mrpdr
    Travatan Z vs Travatan
    Is Travatan Z the same as Travatan?
    Mrpdr- over a year ago - in Travatan Z
  7. link Caseymacd
    Travatan Z night today, travatan, bloodshot eyes, red eyes, nervousness
    I just started Travatan Z last night. Today, I have bloodshot eyes and a slight headache, both of which I could live with, at least for awhile. My doc - 63% more...
    Caseymacd- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Travatan Z
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