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  1. link Evaliz11
    Im allergiec
    The hospital accidentally administered Toradol which I am allergic to on two occasions. Each reaction was progressively worse than the last. Do accide - 58% more...
    Evaliz11- over a year ago - in Toradol
  2. link Nicolemulleian
    Toradol e mail address, headachs, relif, appitite, arms and legs
    i was recently in the hospital they gave me toradol and now two days later my arms and legs are in very bad pain i have on and off headaches and i am - 72% more...
    Nicolemulleian- over a year ago - in Toradol
  3. link Mmjgross
    toradol & hypotonia
    When I was 20 something weeks pregnant, I was given an injection of toradol for an extreme headache. My now 9 month old is showing signs of "flop - 70% more...
    Mmjgross- over a year ago - in Toradol
  4. link Kember65
    Toradol cardiac tamponade, left ventricle, myocadial infarction, chest pains
    Toradol was given to my mother when she went to ER with chest pains. She was given 30mg IV, realized within 10 minutes and released home. Less than 10 - 43% more...
    Kember65- over a year ago - in Toradol
  5. link Gpritch
    what type of drug
    is toradol a narcotic medication?
    Gpritch- over a year ago - in Toradol
  6. link Peanut9199
    Toradol left leg
    Worked for about 4-5 hours and pain returned, but had to stop taking it because it gave me hives. I was really bad on left leg and really bad on back.
    Peanut9199- over a year ago - in Toradol
  7. link Taylord
    Toradol rash, headache
    Not sure. I did have a rash after having an injection of Toradol. I was in severe pain and Toradol seemed to make me feel worse. I had a bad headache - 59% more...
    Taylord- over a year ago - in Toradol
  8. link Taylord
    Rash after Toradol injection
    I was given the injection in my hip and approximately 12 hrs. later I had a rash under my right arm. Could the rash have been an allergic reaction to - 6% more...
    Taylord- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Toradol
  9. link Phillygirl101
    Could Toradol be making me feel like I have a lump in my throat?
    I was just prescribed Toradol to relieve the pain in my gums and tooth which are infected. I have only taken 2 pills, but now I feel like I have a hug - 46% more...
    Phillygirl101- over a year ago - in Toradol
  10. link Exredripper
    Toradol heart attack, hospitalized, severely
    immediately after receiving an injection of toradol i had a heart attack and was hospitalized. the lower right side of my heart was severely damaged.
    Exredripper- over a year ago - in Toradol
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