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  1. link Evanced
    Synthroid lb weight, mihai, mcg, weight gain, overweight
    Dear all I am taking Synthroid 200 mcg for the past 3 months and have noticed at least a 10 lb weight gain(from 210 to 220). I am not overweight since I am 6'5, but I am worried that it may be from the Synthroid. Can someone give me some advice? Than - 6% more...
    Evanced- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Synthroid
  2. link Cowlover22
    I think the weight gain is from the meds. I got some synthroid...hoping it would help me lose weight. Not a good thing I know but I have an eating disorder..anorexia so I was willing to do anthing regaurdless of side effects...well I ate about 700 ca - 23% more...
    Cowlover22- over a year ago
  3. link Williewonka
    Synthroid armour thyroid, dry cough, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, heart attack
    I have been steadily having more trouble since they switched my armour thyroid to synthroid. I don't know if it is the synthroid or just my levels are way overdosed. I have been having high blood pressure which I have never had before. Pressure on my - 31% more...
    Williewonka- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Synthroid
  4. link Redmomma
    Are you also taking Lisinopril for your HBP? Your symptoms are consistent with the side effects of that med. You can read the reviews on this site too.
    Redmomma- over a year ago
  5. link Stefani1979
    Synthroid anxiety panic attacks, armour thyroid, lady doctor, thyroid, meds
    I have been on synthroid for 10 yrs now. I was informed that I would lose weight and feel so much better. 10 yrs later I am still so darn tired, depressed, gained a ton of weight. No doctor would believe me that I gained weight with my thyroid med. F - 57% more...
    Stefani1979- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Synthroid
  6. link Christinebu
    Synthroid blood test, synthroid, hot flashes, menopause, good luck
    I am taking .2 mg of sythroid a day. I feel pretty good but i have gone from 120 to 109. I am not sure it is from the drug but I am guessing it is. Is .2mg's alot? I am not sure does anyone know? I would love to here back from someone with there comm - 33% more...
    Christinebu- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Synthroid
  7. link Fattygalore
    Synthroid anti depressents, horrible pain, thyroid, joints, hips
    Have been on Synthroid for about 15 years after loosing my thyroid, and had been feeling ok up until about 3 years ago. My current dr. had lowered my dosage from .125 to .100, then back to .125 and now down to .112. I have horrible pain in my back, h - 34% more...
    Fattygalore- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Synthroid
  8. link Sdena
    Synthroid basal body temperature, richard l shames, thyroid drug, thyroid support, online support group
    I will NEVER take a thyroid drug again. NOT worth it if it's NOT working in the way these doctors say,,blah blah. I want to share that I have read, read, read about thyroid, testing etc...One great way many EXP doctors in thyroid use to determine a u - 74% more...
    Sdena- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Synthroid
  9. link Sdena
    Your uneducated and stupid. People like you need not reply..Thanks in advance!
    Sdena- over a year ago
  10. link Sdena
    Your uneducated and stupid. People like you need not reply..Thanks in advance!
    Sdena- over a year ago
  11. link Willow2
    Why would anyone need a thyroid support group? You have it and you deal with it, period.
    Willow2- over a year ago
  12. link Jrbjhb

    Ask your doctor to do a Vitamin D level. My endocrinologist prescribed one immeditely when I mention sustained lower-leg pain and hip pain. My level was so low that he prescribed 50,000 IU's per week for several months. Even now i have to take 2,000 - 63% more...
    Jrbjhb- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  13. link Mystofamemory
    Synthroid armour thyroid, thyroid hormones, severe endometriosis, prozac dose, fracture risk
    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was around 14 years old. For the next 30 years, I was treated with Armour thyroid and did quite well (weight was stable, energy level good, positive outlook on life, etc.) Then I was diagnosed with significa - 95% more...
    Mystofamemory- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Synthroid
  14. link Mssmith
    Thank you for your post, I'm going through a lot of the same things right now and I know that I'm not crazy. My husband just doesn't understand how I'm feeling and he is ready to leave. So I can identify with your story I had been on armour and felt - 34% more...
    Mssmith- over a year ago
  15. link B40biles
    gluten or lactose?
    I am celiac and have taken synthroid for a number of years. Symptoms have returned since a recent refill for .112 mg. Is synthroid now gluten and dairy free?
    B40biles- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  16. link Horseandog
    Synthroid brain fog, lyme disease, endocrinologist, criminal charges, mcg
    I started taking it last May, because my doctor who I was seeing for Lyme Disease said my thyroid was very underactive. I noticed during last summer that my hair seemed to be thinning. He gradually kept increasing my dose, because I still was feeling - 78% more...
    Horseandog- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  17. link Sdena
    Synthroid feel 100, high blood pressure, medication, crap, doctors
    I personally think that the medication would have killed me eventually. I quit taking it and feel %100 BETTER!!!!!!!!! If medication can make you feel like such crap AND give you high blood pressure then WHY are they giving it out??? I am going all n - 52% more...
    Sdena- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  18. link Lexlurgee
    Synthroid heart palpitations, thyroid gland, intense mood swings, mcg, hip joints
    I was born without a thyroid gland so I can't compare the way I feel now to the way I would've felt with a thyroid. I've been on Synthroid my entire life (22 years), and I'm up to 112 mcg now. I am very skinny (5'5", 104 lbs) and feel constantly - 83% more...
    Lexlurgee- over a year ago - 17 Replies - in Synthroid
  19. link Gds377
    ditto to all that.. i had my thyroid removed 8 years ago because of cancer. and have had all the symptoms you mention ,, but my test are normal.. what do we do??? i really hate this,, i just want to be normal and happy again
    Gds377- over a year ago
  20. link 3rdcamaro
    Synthroid sinus drainage, mild asthma, minor improvement, emotional symptoms, age men
    Am a 56 year old male and was put on 50 mcg after my blood work during my annual physical was too high (6.8) - never had this before. First two weeks were constant aches and joint pain, with heavy congestion and sinus drainage. Coughing was so bad ha - 68% more...
    3rdcamaro- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Synthroid
  21. link Shaylenjay
    ATTENTION EVERYONE!! SYNTHROID GAVE ME ASTHMA!!! Synthroid has Acacia in it, which is tree gum and people can be highly allergic to it. I am allergic to tree everything! food dyes can also cause allergies from thryoid meds For both Levoxyl (generic) - 50% more...
    Shaylenjay- over a year ago
  22. link Marywel
    Synthroid feeling of impending doom, hair texture, levothyroxine, panic attack, index finger
    Just began Levothyroxine ... about a week and a half now .. 25mg ... wake up queasy ... frequent dizziness, VERY nervous for no reason several times during the day .... also noticed two pea sized cysts(?) one atop my wrist and another inside base of - 66% more...
    Marywel- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Synthroid
  23. link Beastie
    I have been on the drug for 10 days and I feel extremely nervous all day for no reason. Butterflies in my stomach, fast pulse, high blood pressure - it feels like I'm about to have a heart attack. It's scary. I'm glad i'm not alone though.
    Beastie- over a year ago
  24. link A55magic
    Synthroid horrible headaches, levothyroxin, armour
    I have been taking Levothyroxin and had horrible headaches, doctor lowered the dosage but still got horrible headaches. I am now going to try the regular synthroid, not the generic to see if that helps, if I still get headaches I will try Armour.
    A55magic- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  25. link Blaylock
    iodine supplement
    Can you take an iodine supplement with synthroid?
    Blaylock- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  26. link Needhelp99
    Synthroid rotator cuff problem, rotator cuffs, pain killers, tissue rotator, 4 months
    jul11,1010 i started synthroid 6 months ago and had excellent results for 4 months. I'm 78 yrs and both my shoulder tissue rotator cuffs became very inflamed where I could get no relief from the pain except using pain killers. It only took 12.5 micro - 56% more...
    Needhelp99- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Synthroid
  27. link Ataylor
    Lvothyroxin and foot pain
    My father-in-law has been taking Levothyroxine for about 3 years. He has noticed and increase in foot pain and aching. When he has accidentally forgotten to take his levothyroxine, he reports and decrease in foot pain and aching. He has now since sto - 35% more...
    Ataylor- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Synthroid
  28. link Sdena
    Same thing happens to me but the stinging pain is in my toe. I say YES it's due to the medicine. I have stopped taking my thyroid med and feel WAY better already. What a difference
    Sdena- over a year ago
  29. link Paco4u
    Synthroid awake at night, benadryl, underarms, lashes, rash on
    Since taking Synthroid, I have developed an extreme sensitive to sunlight. This has increased in intensity over the years to the point that I can't even be outside for just a few minutes watering my garden without breaking out in a severe rash on the - 73% more...
    Paco4u- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Synthroid
  30. link Birdiegolfer
    I am curious what your doctor told you about the rashes and itching as I started experiencing extreme itching since taking Synthroid and have noticed a rash on my legs and arms where exposed to the sun. My endocrinologist does not think this is cause - 29% more...
    Birdiegolfer- over a year ago
  31. link Lbert
    Synthroid adrenal glands, leg muscles, hypocondriac, muscular problems, routine exam
    i have been on both synthroid and levothyroxine for over 12 years (I also took Cytomel for a few years too) and as far as I know, I have never had any obvious side effects that is until this April. At routine exam my Dr. found that I was under medica - 88% more...
    Lbert- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  32. link A55magic
    Synthroid high cholestrol, painful headache, horrible headache, endocrinoligist, irregular heartbeat
    I had been having tiredness, slow irregular heartbeat, and muscle and joint pains and high cholesterol. I was diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroid. My first test was normal, the second was 5, the third was normal and the fourth was 14. My antibodies - 86% more...
    A55magic- over a year ago - in Synthroid