Lortab Side Effects

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  1. link Cherris
    if i'm getting 5 teeth pulled
    do the dentist have to give me lortabs?
    Cherris- over a year ago - in Lortab
  2. link Jlour200
    Lortab circulation
    Does having one's legs become black and blue have anything to do with Lortab?
    Jlour200- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lortab
  3. link Private_d
    Lortab aching muscles, tolerance level, herion, liver, lortab
    Do not abuse them,they are very hard to come off of.I heard that it is just like oral heroin.I have a prescription and at first everything was good but then I started liking how good they made me feel and started taking more and more now I am having - 67% more...
    Private_d- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lortab
  4. link Stephan_cts
    high den a mothaf******
    Stephan_cts- over a year ago - in Lortab
  5. link Quidachay1
    Allergic Reactions
    I took one and got sweaty and hyper is that an allergic reaction to a loratab?
    Quidachay1- over a year ago - in Lortab
  6. link Sookie
    Lortab having my baby
    I took LORTAB after having my baby. It worked fine for me. I only took it as needed instead of the way it was prescribed. Yes I would take it again!!
    Sookie- over a year ago - in Lortab
  7. link Crystalspring
    Lortab muscle spasms, pain in shoulders, ears, nuts, hives
    I only take it occasionally when I have severe muscle spasms/severe pain in shoulders, neck and back but have noticed when I take it, I immediately begin having hives, INTENSE itching all over and I do mean all over, even my scalp and inside of my ea - 38% more...
    Crystalspring- over a year ago - in Lortab
  8. link Cutestuff79ers
    Lortab loratabs, deppression, car wreck, amount of time, alot
    i was perscribed loratab 4 a car wreck i was in and that was about a year ago my back,neck,legs and carpel tunnel in both arms now if i dont have any my body aches so bad from the loratabs it unreal so any one getting perscribed these should only tak - 65% more...
    Cutestuff79ers- over a year ago - in Lortab
  9. link Grandmama
    Lortab lifting weights, car accident, fifteen years, soma, ultram
    I got into a car accident several years ago. I now have severe arthritis in my legs and shoulders and arms. Lifting weights has helped with the pain in my arms and shoulders, but nothing helps with the pain in my legs. When I first got into the accid - 73% more...
    Grandmama- over a year ago - in Lortab
  10. link Ben18
    Lortab implant dentist, constant motion, early afternoon, dental surgery, painkiller
    Had dental surgery (an implant), Dentist gave me an Rx for Lortab and received a generic at the pharmacy. Dentist's instructions was to take the Lortab as his painkiller was fading to prevent any difficult pain. Took the tablet, started feeling sleep - 70% more...
    Ben18- over a year ago - in Lortab
  11. link Becca
    Lortab ear infection, strep throat, loratabs, perscribed, benadryl
    I was prescribed Loratabs due to strep throat and an ear infection, these are the side effects I've noticed: Happiness, difficulty to sleep, itching (Benadryl helps) two doses in the span of about 10hrs I became extremely nauseous.
    Becca- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lortab
  12. link Brandonsw
    Yes I felt nauseous when I am coming down off of it.
    Brandonsw- over a year ago
  13. link Monique70
    Lortab lighthead, happy new year, cramps, dizziness, new year
    Monique70- over a year ago - in Lortab
  14. link Extendedreality
    Lortab lortab hydrocodone, stomache pains, allergic reactions, addictive, vicodin
    lortab, hydrocodone, and vicodin are all derrivited from the same drug, and are essentually the same. differences mainly concern allergic reactions. to my knowledge, stomache pains are a side effect of too much of any of these drugs, and they are all - 7% more...
    Extendedreality- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lortab
  15. link Katrinareid
    I am taking flexeril and lortab at the same time and it is making me feel really bad. My head feels like it is being mashed between two cement blocks. I stopped taking it because I didn't feel good
    Katrinareid- over a year ago
  16. link Alinian7
    Lortab loratab, nauseous, couple days, experiences
    I had loratab after I had surgery and it worked well for the pain, but after a couple days, it began making me nauseous any time I would take it. My mother and my friend both had similar experiences.
    Alinian7- over a year ago - in Lortab
  17. link Ladyhawkeflyer2001
    Lortab hydrocodone, degenerative disks, sex drive, loratab, mad wife
    my boyfriend takes hydrocodone for degenerative disks in his back... he's tired all the time and has no sex drive at all anymore... can this be a side effect of the hydrocodone? The doc has recently upped his dosage to 1000 mg - which he takes 1/2 a - 18% more...
    Ladyhawkeflyer2001- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lortab
  18. link Bleaker
    I was put on 10/5 Loratab that I take 3 a day. Did you find a answear to this problem? I hate the fact I am doing this to my wife but it has come down to living with the pain by not taking loratab or having a very mad wife.
    Bleaker- over a year ago
  19. link Playboybunnierocks
    Lortab loratab, happyness, numbness, tho, gallbladder surgery
    i took 4 loratab today for the first time all together it was 150 mg and i had no side affect except numbness and happyness i think its great and id try it again even tho i dont take it for pain
    Playboybunnierocks- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lortab
  20. link Pregodego2
    Lortab broken toes, loratab, c section
    i was given loratab after my c-section and i barely had to use them. they worked great if i did need them. and my husband was given them for his broken toes, and he liked them as well. neither of us experienced any side effects. although with my situ - 24% more...
    Pregodego2- over a year ago - in Lortab
  21. link Lvh1
    I couldn't sleep.
    Lvh1- over a year ago - in Lortab
  22. link Lilmocha117
    Lortab crooked spine, ruptured disc, tomorrow afternoon, talk to you later
    Hello, everyone, i hope you all are enjoying your week. Today will be my first time taking Lortab for my back, I've been diagnosed as having a ruptured disc, and a crooked spine which doesnt help. I will post again tomorrow afternoon after it has bee - 19% more...
    Lilmocha117- over a year ago - in Lortab
  23. link Callmam
    Pain medications
    I am wanting information on a cancer medication called "Caliopy". This may be misspelled. Can you help?
    Callmam- over a year ago - in Lortab
  24. link Adriennelaf
    Lortab mg dose, blackouts, ligaments
    My boyfriend tore some ligaments in his ankle and is taking lortab for pain. He has experienced sudden blackouts twice. He took one 7.5 mg dose.
    Adriennelaf- over a year ago - in Lortab
  25. link Ohhword
    Question - Can someone please help!? :)
    Hello everyone, I recently found a pill/tablet in my home and I don't know what the heck it is (it's driving me absolutely nuts)! I currently have a sick Father (he's staying with my family and I) who's been prescribed TONS of medications; blood thin - 91% more...
    Ohhword- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lortab