Tequin Side Effects

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  1. link Ashleigh864
    Tequin sick to my stomach, nauseated, dizziness
    Made me extreemly nauseated and very sick to my stomach, also caused dizziness
    Ashleigh864- over a year ago - in Tequin
  2. link Chamoroangel
    Tequin vaginal discharge
    Vaginal discharge that caused severe irritation around the same area.
    Chamoroangel- over a year ago - in Tequin
  3. link Eternalyoutspokn
    I've been taking Tequin for approximately a week now, and if I take it on a full stomach, I end up throwing, everthing I ate, up.
    Eternalyoutspokn- over a year ago - in Tequin
  4. link Rose5marie
    Tequin trouble concentrating
    had trouble concentrating, forgetful, and felt like I was in la la land
    Rose5marie- over a year ago - in Tequin
  5. link Princessnik730
    description for the disease that tequin is prescribed for
    i was given this by my doctor for treatment as a urinary tract infection/ cystitis. i went on your website and found that the common use of this drug is for upper respiratory infections. should i continue to take this for my above diagnosis or should - 25% more...
    Princessnik730- over a year ago - in Tequin
  6. link Tward3
    Tequin excess gas
    Excess Gas!
    Tward3- over a year ago - in Tequin