Tegretol Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Tegretol by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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    Benadams201- 5 months ago - in Tegretol
  2. link Lizz8
    Tegretol trigeminal nerve pain, mood swings, headaches, anemic, ssdi
    I took Tegretol for years to stabilize mood swings; diagnosis was schizoaffective, but probably that was due to side effects of antidepressants. I had never had any mania until prescribed antidepressants for depression and bulimia. Tegretol: any time - 78% more...
    Lizz8- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  3. link Maurine 2
    I was given that intravenously in the Er about 8 yrs. ago(?) and it put my arm on fire and didn't do anything for the pain in my left lung! How can you say your allergic to a medicine; such as that when you never had it before? they had to flush it o - 17% more...
    Maurine 2- over a year ago
  4. link Squibby
    so tired all the time
    been on 700mg/day tegretol for 10 years. still so tired, confused, lethargic, tired, cranky, gaining weight, tired and did I say tired?
    Squibby- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  5. link Galegrafix
    Tegretol post menopause, butter substitute, fried foods, perfect storm, anti depressant
    I have been on Tegretol for 2 months and have gained 5 pounds. all around the middle. I bought a treadmill and walk on it 3 miles a day every other day, have only salad for lunch and a 100 calorie muffin for breakfast with olivia butter substitute. I - 73% more...
    Galegrafix- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  6. link Squibby
    could be just plain old menopause. I'm post meno 10yrs now and on tegretol. I started menopause and started tegretol in the same month. I gained 20lbs over 5yrs and couldn't get it off no matter what I did. I could starve myself for days and nothing. - 32% more...
    Squibby- over a year ago
  7. link Alex28159
    Tegretol swelling of hands and feet, mood swings, cold medicine, swelling of hands, topomax
    I was diagnosed with epilepsy 35+ years ago and over this time I have been on many different meds. They have been changed to higher doses or changed to different drugs all together. After reading these blogs I'm amazed at how many of you are taking t - 82% more...
    Alex28159- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  8. link Pinkbabygurl
    I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bi-polar disorder. I began taking Tegretol 200mg about 2 weeks ago. Unlike many of the posts I have read her - the results I had were fantastic! My moods were 100% better, I was finally happy with life, I had energy - 71% more...
    Pinkbabygurl- over a year ago
  9. link Scrappincindy
    Tegretol tingling in toes, numbness, weight gain, sodium
    I have been on Tegretol since 2/22/03. Started with 3 doses a day, and then March 12 went to 4 doses a day. I have no appetite. Have recently lost 80 lbs. and since I have been on have gained 5 lbs. Also, notice that I am just letting out the water I - 33% more...
    Scrappincindy- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  10. link Auntbea
    what did you do? I have also the numbness.. the letting out of water due to not sodium sparing? I understand about the weight gain.. I am not too small either.
    Auntbea- over a year ago
  11. link The_michael
    Tegretol tourete, haldol, clonazepam, sexual dysfunction, bipolar
    On Tegretol for bipolar. My wife feels my BP is improved. I only note improved in my manic side. Depressive side still unpleasant and dangerous. When started and when dosing changed, I had grogginess, with abated after a few few. Am on many meds, Hal - 55% more...
    The_michael- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  12. link Bluesbaby
    Seems to me you're on way too many meds... I'm on Tegretol and my psychiatrist doesn't know why I was put on it, as I have post traumatic stress disorder, not bipolar.. and in her words "Tegretol is a dirty drug and the side effects are awful.. - 11% more...
    Bluesbaby- over a year ago
  13. link Swhite1
    Tegretol severe constipation, permanent solution, laxatives, couple days, bran cereal
    I've been on and off Tegretol for about 15 years. In just the past 6months I've been suffering from severe constipation. I have to stop taking it for a couple days so i can just go to the bathroom. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so w - 25% more...
    Swhite1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  14. link Shel
    I have found that eating a bran cereal every morning helps so much.
    Shel- over a year ago
  15. link Christelsplace
    Tegretol mlg, mail, to who it may concern, seeing double vision, trileptol
    To who it may concern, Hello, my name is christel mahler. I have a question to ask you which I hope you can help me with. I've been getting seiures since 4 years old and i've been taking different kinds of medications until it was under control. I ge - 88% more...
    Christelsplace- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Tegretol
  16. link Bonk10
    I had my first seizure at age 13 - I was put on Tegretol and took that for 10 years! When I got married my husband and I decided we will want children and I decided that was a perfect time to switch to a more "baby friendly" medicine! My do - 72% more...
    Bonk10- over a year ago
  17. link Nigelguest
    when you say 10 pills/day, i assume this is your total medication, and not 10x150 mg Trileptal. 150 mg Trileptal/day is a low dose. i take 1,200 mg/day, but we all respond differently. i have definitely noticed a vision problem with Trileptal. if i d - 59% more...
    Nigelguest- over a year ago
  18. link Stevie1313
    Tegretol heart muscle pain, spine pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, pinky
    IM steve,been on tegretol 3x100mg dailyonly took 2x100 daily for about last 5 year been on them 18 years los of balance muscles wasting away now,elbows very sore like oesteo arthrites. headaches,heart muscle pain, knee pain,pinger pain 3 from pinky u - 25% more...
    Stevie1313- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  19. link Amal121
    why tegretol
    my son had an acciedent 5 months ago and he had miner brain bleeding first the doctor gave him epanutin than he turned him to tegretol he said that he should take it for 3 years my son is 16 is it nessesary to take it for so long and why
    Amal121- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  20. link Nhsnancy
    Tegretol mood swings, agitation, headaches, conjunction, duration
    I also experienced stabbing localized headaches for a few weeks after my Tegretol dose was increased from 100mg 2x daily to 200mg 2x daily. The pain was so severe that I would have to stop what was doing for the (albeit brief) duration. The pains usu - 59% more...
    Nhsnancy- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  21. link Rhonda128
    Tegretol anemia
    Rhonda128- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  22. link Gen489
    Tegretol seizure meds, topamax, weight gain, miracle drug, vertigo
    I have been on tegretol since I was approx. 15years old, I am now 41years old. In the beginning (probably since I was so young) I really don't remember too many side effects. Until 2 years ago when after complaining to my doctor about extreme weight - 76% more...
    Gen489- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  23. link Austin_316
    Tegretol epilepsy, status epilepticus, toxic side effects, short term memory, fortnight
    i've been on tegretol for well over 15 years now, for my Status Epilepticus (severe epilepsy). i was always on a small dose (600mg daily i think). but due to my epilepsy being poorly controlled, the dose got increased to 800mg - that was around 10yrs - 84% more...
    Austin_316- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  24. link Busybeecoco
    Tegretol grand mal seizures, memory loss, joint pain, good success, lightheaded
    Have been on tegretol for about 12 years now for grand mal seizures... I started when I was 12 years old. Main side effect has been memory loss- Can't remember much short term.. Also have bad joint pain in the knees and elbows since I was 16. Have h - 48% more...
    Busybeecoco- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  25. link Rishadq
    Tegretol petit mal seizures, short term memory, seizure disorder, mild anxiety, anxiety attacks
    I have been on Tegretol since 1999, 800mg daily (2 pills, twice a day, with food) to treat two grand mal and several petit mal seizures I had throughout that year. Since that time I've definitely noticed drowsiness initially, a lack of mental focus, - 64% more...
    Rishadq- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  26. link Grammyhatter01
    Tegretol severe diaper rash
    22 months old with severe diaper rash exposing blood with taking tegretol
    Grammyhatter01- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  27. link Kat_pants
    Tegretol blurred vision, headaches, take time, side affects
    My side affects have been nausea, sweats, blurred vision,headaches - I am taking 200m twice a day. Dr said it will take time to get use to the meds, but has anyone else had these side effects, & will they subside in a week or so?? Also have itchi - 4% more...
    Kat_pants- over a year ago - in Tegretol