Carbamazepine (CBZ) is an anticonvulsant and mood stabilizing drug used primarily in the treatment of epilepsy and bipolar disorder, as well as trigeminal neuralgia. It is also used off-label for a variety of indications, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, phantom limb syndrome, paroxysmal extreme pain disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Tegretol Discussions

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  2. link Squibby
    so tired all the time
    been on 700mg/day tegretol for 10 years. still so tired, confused, lethargic, tired, cranky, gaining weight, tired and did I say tired?
    Squibby- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  3. link Galegrafix
    Tegretol post menopause, butter substitute, fried foods, perfect storm, anti depressant
    I have been on Tegretol for 2 months and have gained 5 pounds. all around the middle. I bought a treadmill and walk on it 3 miles a day every other da - 84% more...
    Galegrafix- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  4. link Alex28159
    Tegretol swelling of hands and feet, mood swings, cold medicine, swelling of hands, topomax
    I was diagnosed with epilepsy 35+ years ago and over this time I have been on many different meds. They have been changed to higher doses or changed t - 89% more...
    Alex28159- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  5. link Stevie1313
    Tegretol heart muscle pain, spine pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, pinky
    IM steve,been on tegretol 3x100mg dailyonly took 2x100 daily for about last 5 year been on them 18 years los of balance muscles wasting away now,elbow - 55% more...
    Stevie1313- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  6. link Amal121
    why tegretol
    my son had an acciedent 5 months ago and he had miner brain bleeding first the doctor gave him epanutin than he turned him to tegretol he said that he - 37% more...
    Amal121- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  7. link Swhite1
    Tegretol severe constipation, permanent solution, laxatives, couple days, bran cereal
    I've been on and off Tegretol for about 15 years. In just the past 6months I've been suffering from severe constipation. I have to stop taking it for - 55% more...
    Swhite1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  8. link The_michael
    Tegretol tourete, haldol, clonazepam, sexual dysfunction, bipolar
    On Tegretol for bipolar. My wife feels my BP is improved. I only note improved in my manic side. Depressive side still unpleasant and dangerous. When - 73% more...
    The_michael- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Tegretol
  9. link Nhsnancy
    Tegretol mood swings, agitation, headaches, conjunction, duration
    I also experienced stabbing localized headaches for a few weeks after my Tegretol dose was increased from 100mg 2x daily to 200mg 2x daily. The pain w - 75% more...
    Nhsnancy- over a year ago - in Tegretol
  10. link Rhonda128
    Tegretol anemia
    Rhonda128- over a year ago - in Tegretol
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