Tamiflu Side Effects

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  1. link Joyserra
    How long after starting tamiflu am I not contagious?
    Joyserra- over a year ago - in Tamiflu
  2. link Memoir
    Lip and tongue Blisters
    Can Tamiflu cause lip blisters and a tongue blister. I have gotten about four lip blisters since taking Tamiflu four days ago.
    Memoir- over a year ago - in Tamiflu
  3. link Ayk
    Tamiflu loss of balance, dizziness, flu
    Dizziness, loss of balance. Note that I have not had the flu, but rather was taking it as prophylaxis because of close contacts with the flu
    Ayk- over a year ago - in Tamiflu
  4. link Suzette
    Tamiflu heart arrythmias, sinus infection, flu, perfect candidate, hallucinating
    I am a 59 year old female who went to the doctor last week pith the flu. The doctor said we caught it within 24 hrs. so I was perfect candidate for tamiflu. After four pills of tamiflu, I was hallucinating, disoriented and could not stand up without - 76% more...
    Suzette- over a year ago - in Tamiflu
  5. link Donnalynnwhite
    to many secondary infections from taking tamiflu
    Donnalynnwhite- over a year ago - in Tamiflu
  6. link Slw_9to5
    Tamiflu tongue
    tongue white. hard to taste foods.
    Slw_9to5- over a year ago - in Tamiflu
  7. link Mrubaduba
    Tamiflu blisters in the mouth, tongue
    blisters in the mouth and on the tongue
    Mrubaduba- over a year ago - in Tamiflu