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  1. link Denee84
    what about with pregnancy?
    i just had a child and was wondering if it would be best to continue with subutex while nursing instead of switching to suboxone. i was told suboxone is bad for the child!?!
    Denee84- over a year ago - in Subutex
  2. link Ibbabygirl2
    Subutex tolerance
    Ibbabygirl2- over a year ago - in Subutex
  3. link Lisa323
    Subutex - Gread Med.
    If have suffered daily chronic headaches, depression and aniexty since the age of 18. I'm now 42. This has been the one drug that has helped my pain without all of the side effects of taking narcotics on a daily basis. Once the pain was manageable, t - 52% more...
    Lisa323- over a year ago - in Subutex