Soma Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Soma by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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    Good rx list
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    Benadams201- about 1 month ago - in Soma
  2. link Playmateu2
    drug testing
    How long does soma stay in ones system?
    Playmateu2- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Soma
  3. link Rocky666
    how about xanax and methadone
    Rocky666- over a year ago
  4. link U2treasure
    Soma period cramps, vicodan, amphetamines
    This is my husbands prescription, but I take it usually 2 days out of the month for period cramps, along with vicodan. If I don't lay down immediately and I stay up waiting for the cramping pains to subside, then I head to the bedroom, putting away a - 53% more...
    U2treasure- over a year ago - in Soma
  5. link Lacanyon
    Soma adult add, jittery
    The only side effects ive had are sleeping too much. Cant imagine being jittery. Adult ADD, ya suppose?
    Lacanyon- over a year ago - in Soma
  6. link Ski3
    Has anyone been perscribed more than one (350mg) at a time?
    Ski3- over a year ago - in Soma
  7. link Dcarchman
    what pils interact with soma. example painkillers such as percoset and benzos, and benedryl
    Dcarchman- over a year ago - in Soma
  8. link James268
    what is the proper dosage u should take
    James268- over a year ago - in Soma
  9. link Rearea24
    Soma medication
    This medication made me jumpy, and jerrity and nervous and I was jumpping on everyone around me and i think if I could have I would have jumped on myself.. I told my dr. this and he took me off them.
    Rearea24- over a year ago - in Soma