SMX-TMP DS Side Effects

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  1. link Missd
    SMX-TMP DS bactrim ds, bactrim
    Bactrim ds tablet
    Missd- over a year ago - in SMX-TMP DS
  2. link Pops0329
    Drug Interactions
    What are the drug interactions of this drug?
    Pops0329- over a year ago - in SMX-TMP DS
  3. link Butterflymom
    SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 tab EON
    I found this was a generic brand for Septra. Is It also the same for Bactrim?
    Butterflymom- over a year ago - in SMX-TMP DS
  4. link Lucpueb21
    SMX-TMP DS light headed dizzy, bladder infection, perscription, contractions, cramps
    I got this prescription when I got a bladder infection. The first day I took it, I had pains in my stomach. They felt worse then any cramps I have ever gotten but felt closer to the pains when I had contractions. I was light headed, dizzy & felt - 28% more...
    Lucpueb21- over a year ago - in SMX-TMP DS
  5. link Mousie_girl76
    SMX-TMP DS baseball bat, bladder infection, inner thigh, exact areas, later that night
    I was prescribed the drug for a bladder infection, and on the second day of medication I woke up feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat and beaten me with it. It was worse in my lower back (I'm assuming it was my kidneys that were actually sor - 74% more...
    Mousie_girl76- over a year ago - in SMX-TMP DS
  6. link Tall_person13
    SMZ TMP DS 800mg
    Is SMZ TMP DS 800mg the same as Sulfa DS 800mg?
    Tall_person13- over a year ago - in SMX-TMP DS