Septra Side Effects

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  1. link Countrygirl488
    Septra sulfa drugs
    turning black and blue from the waist down as a young child. had to have system flushed or possible death. what is it called when you have a reaction like this to sulfa drugs? i was taking septra at the time.
    Countrygirl488- over a year ago - in Septra
  2. link Nicolenesko
    is it used for
    is it Septra suspension used for lice and or egsima
    Nicolenesko- over a year ago - in Septra
  3. link Marsha19722001
    Septra nodular acne, roseacia, pertain
    i havent had any side affects yet im takin for my face i have nodular acne...and roseacia trying to learn what the drug does and actually pertain too..,
    Marsha19722001- over a year ago - in Septra
  4. link Davidcrabtree498
    sleepy, feel confused
    Davidcrabtree498- over a year ago - in Septra
  5. link Aries_angel03
    does anyone else experience severe headaches due to light while taking septra??
    Aries_angel03- over a year ago - in Septra