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  1. link Poundpup217
    Generic Septra DS: Nausea, heart racing, leg pain, headache
    I took my first dose of a 5 day prescription for UTI last night. Woke up after 6 hours of sleep feeling like I had not slept at all, panic attacks in - 61% more...
    Poundpup217- over a year ago - in Septra DS
  2. link Mapfeifer
    Worked for my Pneumonia
    I took this stuff for a 7 day period after trying to battle pneumonia on my own for about a month. I didnt notice any side effects, maybe because I ha - 66% more...
    Mapfeifer- over a year ago - in Septra DS
  3. link Chugger599
    SeptraDs 800-160
    I was told to take this for for infection on my lips They give me 800=160SMZ/TMPDS.Will this help ? I have taken it for two days.
    Chugger599- over a year ago - in Septra DS
  4. link Shannon70
    Septra DS painful tongue, migraines
    I started taking this drug generic brand on 04/27/09 and today is 05/01/09. Luckily I work for oral surgeons, but I woke up with a very swollen and pa - 67% more...
    Shannon70- over a year ago - in Septra DS
  5. link Laurat
    Septra DS insect sting, septra, benadryl, generic brand, cortisone
    I too was given a generic brand of Septra for an infected insect sting. I experienced a noticeable loss in appetite for the full 7 days and on the fir - 56% more...
    Laurat- over a year ago - in Septra DS
  6. link Coral
    Septra DS road curves, sinus infection, bread soup, low food, milk bread
    I am taking Septra for a sinus infection. I am consistently, ridiculously nauseous all day and all night since within two hours of my very first dose. - 81% more...
    Coral- over a year ago - in Septra DS
  7. link Mwestgat
    Septra Side Effect
    I started taking Septra last Friday and on Sunday, I developed blisters on the inside of my lips that are very painful. Could this be a side effect?
    Mwestgat- over a year ago - in Septra DS
  8. link Edr223
    Septra DS sulfameth trimethoprim, definitley, benadryl, hives, sunburn
    My doctor prescribed this (actually the generic version - sulfameth/trimethoprim) medication to me to treat a bite that got infected on my foot. The i - 73% more...
    Edr223- over a year ago - in Septra DS
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