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    Warfarin Sodium liver damage, enlarged liver, short term memory loss, short term memory, jandice
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  2. link Drivebyfaith
    My husband was also on coumadin for 13 years! and has an enlarged spleen and damaged liver thanks to coumadin. We have him on coffee enemas which is w - 76% more...
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    Effexor sleep, stages of sleep, muscle fibers, sleep study, pulmonologist
    I have been on Effexor for at least 4 years and am now taking 225mg per day. I was not aware that it is addictive until checking on line. My doctor ne - 72% more...
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    I had been on a high dose (300 mgs )of Effexor XR for 11 months. During those 11 months I slept nearly 20 hrs / day. It was not until I started resear - 96% more...
    Ihateeffexor- over a year ago
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    Toprol-XL low blood pressure, increasing weight, added benefit, palpitations, deep breathing
    It IS possible to wean off Toprol! I just wanted to offer hope to anyone who is having trouble getting off Toprol or who thinks it is not possible to - 92% more...
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    Hi! I have been doing fine off the Toprol. It was rough in the beginning because as I weaned off it, my heart rate starting going faster at times, but - 72% more...
    Peacelover- over a year ago
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    Lamictal gum problems, google search, tooth enamel, gum disease, discernible reason
    I was on Lamictal for 4 years and after the first year I suddenly started having all kinds of teeth and gum problems for no discernible reason. But si - 79% more...
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  8. link Absisback
    Dammedmedication - sorry, I have just now found you post - I hope you get this reply. Lamictal may be the cause of the increased sensitivity, but plea - 92% more...
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    Lactaid lactaid tablets, prune juice, miserable side effects, horrible experiences, stool softeners
    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share my own horrible experience with the Lactaid Ultra Fast Act Tablets, so I can help warn other ppl about their potent - 95% more...
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    I switched my child from formula to milk, which caused her to have sleep issues. I switched her to Lactaid milk (under the supervision of her doctor) - 72% more...
    K8dubois401- over a year ago
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    Topamax committing suicide, sodas, seizures, bedtime, meds
    I started taking the meds about three weeks ago at bedtime. One 25mg a week, then two for a week then three for a week, now on four for a week and sta - 78% more...
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    First, thank you so much for your prayers. There's nothing like the power of prayer to heal those who need healing. My 13 1/2 year old son has migrain - 87% more...
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    Paxil thyroid cancer, type a personality, maximum dose, memory loss, embarassment
    I've been on Paxil for almost 9 years. I suppose it's a success for me because it has kept the depression away most of these past years. I'm on the ma - 93% more...
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    I don't know who told you that 40mg is the max dosage. I've been taking 80mg/daily for years now -- under close supervision of a psychiatrist. May wan - 15% more...
    Ejtsmom- over a year ago
  15. link Kate_kazlowska
    Yutopar bio medical, bed rest, tachycardia, medical sciences, sth
    I have received Ritodrine 2 pills (orally) in the hospital, yesterday, since I had an unilateral pain even when I did not move, but was just laying do - 88% more...
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    Wellbutrin buproprion, insurance plans, wellbutrin, pharmacies, brand name
    Thank you all for your posts. I have connected a number of dots while reading these... First, to those of you who are suffering from a major depressiv - 96% more...
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    Singulair mood swings, kinds of sports, doing the right thing, puberty, ankles
    My son has been taking Singular for more than 5 years now. I am worried that his "clicky ankles", muscle & joint pain, his mood swings a - 74% more...
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    Everything you mentioned is a documented side effect of Singulair. Parents have reported adverse reactions occurred at various times during treatment - 85% more...
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    Lupron depot lupron, severe endometriosis, ovarian cysts, natural menopause, two evils
    I really need help. I had a Lap done last week due to have pain. I was on Depo Provera for 5 years and had to go off of it and onto the pill. WHat I d - 92% more...
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  20. link Educatedconsumer
    I posted my scenario below b4 reading yours. At the end of the day, Lupron is part of a treatment plan if you're experiencing bleeding and pain (to th - 93% more...
    Educatedconsumer- over a year ago
  21. link Educatedconsumer
    Lupron high fructose corn syrup, meditation exercise, fertility specialist, yoga meditation, wisdom teeth
    LUPRON got the job done PRE-OP (stopped bleeding, pain, fibroids didn't growing, in prep 4 myomectomy). LUPRON is not a problem solver, rather it reli - 89% more...
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    Topamax topamax side effects, dangerous side effects, mood elevation, kidney stones, working with your doctor
    Manage Topamax Side Effects by Working with Your Doctor to Reduce The Dosage I have been on Topamax for 9 years and it has been a life saver. I suffer - 90% more...
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    Lamictal mg dosage, mood swings, loss of taste, colored lenses, memory loss
    Lamictal with lithium was the latest sentence for a lifetime of depression. Not only did the depression then intensify over anything I've dealt with f - 90% more...
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  24. link Monitorwitch
    Urine Infection
    I have an Urine Infection..This Doctor didn't know me or saw me, all she know is that I have infection in my Urine. Was it the right medication for my - 65% more...
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  25. link Biddulphloraine
    going crazy with menopause
    i am 48yrs and believe i am post menopause. can anyon else tell me if you are feeling suicidal.
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    DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is an endogenous hormone (made in the human body) secreted by the adrenal gland. DHEA serves as precursor to male and fe - 91% more...
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  27. link Starsleeper
    Yaz abnormal bleeding, anti depressant, ativan, supervision, sleep
    I am 31 years old and was placed on Yaz to control unexplained and abnormal bleeding (I read the "Packet" my doctor should not have prescrib - 87% more...
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  28. link Steffastepha
    Lisinopril sand in my eyes, sore muscles, dead hands, shortness of breath, hbp
    Hello folks - thought I would post here as well.........I am on 20MG of LISINOPRIL 1 time daily. I notice during regimented times of the day I get the - 87% more...
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  29. link Bear1983
    Off the lisinopril and feel much better. Still need to be on another drug but the side effects are not what I was having with Lisin. Still have some n - 76% more...
    Bear1983- over a year ago
  30. link Kesh_816
    Topamax topamax for migraines, numbness in hands and feet, numbness in hands, brain damage, math skills
    I am a 25 year old graduate student that began taking Topamax for migraines after I was involved in a bad car accident. I started taking Topamax in Ap - 91% more...
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    Ambien mild stroke, neurologist, numbness, hutch, mri
    My wife who is 49 years old was prescribed Ambien to help her sleep she has Phybromyalgia so she is in a lot of pain and so sleep has been a fleeting - 92% more...
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