1. link Pahoral
    Kenalog butt cheek, steroid injection, disfigurement, indentation, tonsils
    I had the same steroid injection for tonsillitis this past January in both cheeks. I now too have noticed a large indentation in my right butt cheek. - 63% more...
    Pahoral- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Kenalog
  2. link Really Upset
    I also received a kenalog injection to both hips august 2012 and within 3 days my glutes were gone and I have small dents in both sides I also am suff - 92% more...
    Really Upset- over a year ago
  3. link Pistoff
    Lisinopril class action suit, leg work, reply, class action suite, linsinopril
    I want to start a class action suite against lisinopril please reply and lets start a list.i will do the leg work. please read my other post
    Pistoff- over a year ago - 247 Replies - in Lisinopril
  4. link Chadd
    Since just 1 gram per day of supplemental vitamin C has been proven to reduce high blood pressure safely and naturally, it is a shame so many people h - 87% more...
    Chadd- over a year ago
  5. link Triumph
    My husband has stage 4 kidney disease from this drug...biopsey confirmed.His life is ruined from this evil drug and shame on his Doctors for not takin - 72% more...
    Triumph- over a year ago
  6. link Evelyn50
    Hi all Lisinopril users Just want to know if the person who started this thread has had any luck with lawyers...Because I have NOT - The reason being - 84% more...
    Evelyn50- over a year ago
  7. link Galiajoe
    For reasons of medical malpractice, I was forced to quit my job in February 2009-I was treated with a medicine called Lisinopril 10 MG,(which supposed - 92% more...
    Galiajoe- over a year ago
  8. link Ellaroo
    Doxycycline Hyclate severe anxiety, lyme disease, pounding heart, doxycycline, lyme
    Please can anyone who has suffered anxiety/panic/depression/suicide on Doxy tell me how long after stopping taking it this went away???
    Ellaroo- over a year ago - 172 Replies - in Doxycycline Hyclate
  9. link Oonalee
    @Fabcan - Yes I felt awful whilst taking the drugs, but it took a number of months, if I recall correctly, to feel consistently positive for any lengt - 93% more...
    Oonalee- over a year ago
  10. link Jhc
    Percogesic ingredients
    I have noticed that the secondary ingredient in Percogesic used to be phenyltoloxamine citrate. Now the bottle indicates the secondary ingredient to b - 49% more...
    Jhc- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Percogesic
  11. link Stephlk
    I wondered the same thing. Diphendydramine is the same ingredient in many cough medicines as well as night-time pain relievers such as Excedrin PM. It - 55% more...
    Stephlk- over a year ago
  12. link Vgreen
    They don't disclose it, but it can cause severe vomiting.
    My son recently has become lactose intolerant. We bought Lactaid to allow him to eat pizza, etc. The last two times he used the pills, he experienced - 79% more...
    Vgreen- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Lactaid
  13. link Pcmorga
    Kenalog butt cheek, class action suit, better with time, dents, three months
    I to have a huge dent in my right butt cheek. I would be interested in a class action suit. This is ridiculous! It has been about three months since I - 34% more...
    Pcmorga- over a year ago - 150 Replies - in Kenalog
  14. link Angryashell
    It's a shame we are not warned of these types of reactions. I'm sorry you have to battle acne AND dents. Luckily minocycline controls my acne most of - 6% more...
    Angryashell- over a year ago
  15. link Lisabrouwer
    Duragen Reaction
    Hi all, My doctors used the duragen for a Chairi Malformation surgery i had 2 years ago. I had a reaction to the Dura and since then i am having ongoi - 60% more...
    Lisabrouwer- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Duragen
  16. link Disablednurse
    Shame on the doc and the manufacturer for NOT informing you earlier!! Check it out on the FDA/MEDWATCH.GOV site and file an online complaint with the - 77% more...
    Disablednurse- over a year ago
  17. link Divalady88
    Pain, Vertigo, tingling and now Occipital Neuralgia
    About 5 months ago I received my first dose of Gardasil. I felt fine after receiving the shot except for some unusual tiredness which I attributed to - 88% more...
    Divalady88- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Gardasil
  18. link Divalady88
    Thank you so much for all of your helpful comments. I am actually starting to feel much better. Last month right before Christmas I began having muscl - 81% more...
    Divalady88- over a year ago
  19. link Akimz
    This Medicine is Poison!!!!!!
    It's a shame my " primary care phy" didn't realize that I was having every side affect not to mention I had seen her at least 3-4 times for - 77% more...
    Akimz- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lisinopril
  20. link Mother35
    Advair Diskus hair loss, tooth enamel, breathing exercises, dietary changes, sense of smell
    My son is just seven year old. He uses advair and he has experienced hair loss. Does somebody experience the same?
    Mother35- over a year ago - 8 Replies - in Advair Diskus
  21. link Distrought_11
    Our 8 year old son has and is loosig his hair dramatically. I am fearful he will be completely bald within only one month of using Advair diaskus. He - 86% more...
    Distrought_11- over a year ago
  22. link Bwojow
    Foreign vitamins
    Theragram M vitamins used to be the only vitamin i could chew.If I would swallow a vitamin whole I would get stomach aches so I have to chew them.A co - 82% more...
    Bwojow- over a year ago - in Theragran
  23. link Chewbacca
    Adderrall and Dry Mouth
    I get dry mouth with adderall, and it is starting to make my teeth very sensitive. I'm afraid it will do damage in the long term. It's a shame because - 66% more...
    Chewbacca- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Adderall
  24. link Rhonda719
    Mirena fibroid tumors, operative hysteroscopy, uterine fibroids, fibroid symptoms, uterine cavity
    If you have a history of uterine fibroids I would NOT use the Mirena! I have a history of uterine fibroids. Had Operative Hysteroscopy in Oct. 2006. I - 89% more...
    Rhonda719- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Mirena
  25. link Beth7434
    my daughter had a cyst that did rupture and during her emergency surgery they removed a quart of blood and she has the mirena also theres a girl who w - 69% more...
    Beth7434- over a year ago
  26. link Maureen77700
    Lipitor cholesterol count, muscle degeneration, lipostat, fish oils, vascular problems
    When the doctor discovers that I had a cholesterol count of 9.2 in 2006, I started to use all the different statins prescribed by the doctor. I used L - 91% more...
    Maureen77700- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Lipitor
  27. link Hasina
    hi maureen,i am very very glad that you recover from side effect ,doctors never educate patient about the drug they are prescribing specially statin w - 81% more...
    Hasina- over a year ago
  28. link Hasina
    hi maureen,i am very very glad that you recover from side effect ,doctors never educate patient about the drug they are prescribing specially statin w - 81% more...
    Hasina- over a year ago
  29. link Berniedixon
    loss of hair
    I have lrvothyroxine for 4 years 150mg so it must be quite bad my Dr has never said anything about leavels.I have been asking for a very long time now - 60% more...
    Berniedixon- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levoxyl
  30. link Sdena
    YES the hair falling out and thinning is a HUGE side effect from that medication and shame on your doctor for telling you otherwise! Just browse the w - 90% more...
    Sdena- over a year ago
  31. link Lroi117
    Doxycycline Hyclate anxiety panic attacks, lyme bacteria, severe anxiety, lyme disease, peaople
    I recently took Doxycycline for 14 days for Lyme disease. After about the first week, my bad headaches returned, along with bright spots in my vision - 89% more...
    Lroi117- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Doxycycline Hyclate