1. link Annalisa81bw
    Metformin Hydrochloride living in italy, breast cancer, genetic disease, metformin, yasmin
    Hi, I've been diagnosed PCOS at the beginning of 2007. Since then I'm on Yasmin and Metformin, but I've been reading so many terrible side effects... - 88% more...
    Annalisa81bw- over a year ago - in Metformin Hydrochloride
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    heart problems
    My mother (80Y) has high blood pressure (held at 120/ 80 by medicaments) which jumps by eating or smelling different allergenic stoff ( food additives - 79% more...
    Katitoth- over a year ago - in Aerius
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    Singulair gonflement du visage, possible adverse effects, merck sharp dohme chibret, comportement agressif, somnolence
    Interestingly, the side effects reported by other people here are mentioned in the Singulair package insert in France, which I found online in a 2005 - 95% more...
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