DRUGS: Lactulose, Enulose


  1. link Sonita
    when to stop taking lactulose
    After being treated with cipro and flagyl I was prescribed lactulose, which resulted in long smooth b.m.s. How long should I take it? I have no side e - 5% more...
    Sonita- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lactulose
  2. link Hwav193934
    Ingredients in Lactulose
    What is the complete list of ingredients in Lactulose--which are natural and which are synthetic?
    Hwav193934- over a year ago - in Lactulose
  3. link Ednatb
    Lactulose OTC
    Can I purchase Lactulose over the counter?
    Ednatb- over a year ago - in Lactulose
  4. link Grgalva
    Lactulose tooth ache, ambesol, oragel
    Can turn stool red and very irirtated (painful) Is there any solution for this? Maybe somethig to numb the pain a little like an oragel(ambesol) that - 13% more...
    Grgalva- over a year ago - in Lactulose
  5. link Lizz8
    Lactulose gas and bloating, horrible gas, laxative
    Doctor prescribed it for me, as a laxative. It gave me horrible gas and bloating. Had to stop using it.
    Lizz8- over a year ago - in Lactulose
  6. link Rbudzilek
    Lactulose mental confusion, weakness
    mental confusion, weakness
    Rbudzilek- over a year ago - in Lactulose