1. link Allir
    Am I Crazy or is this NORMAL? 24 years old and confused! Help please
    My boyfriend has brought up a lot of these points below that I have been experienceing and never thought that they could be linked to the side effects - 93% more...
    Allir- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Mirena
  2. link Scarson74
    If you are looking for permanent birth control, I had the Essure procedure done and it was easy. I did have to go to the hospital and have sedatives, - 63% more...
    Scarson74- over a year ago
  3. link Harvesterbornagain
    medication for epilepsy?
    anyone know of a good drug for grand mal seizures. I take Depakot er and have joint pain and weight gain. I would love some help.
    Harvesterbornagain- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Epilepsy
  4. link Mixesconsidered
    I never did reach grand mal seizures, but over > 30 years from childhood I have taken a lot of sedatives & recently anti-seizure Lamictal. I ha - 64% more...
    Mixesconsidered- over a year ago
  5. link Mixesconsidered
    I'm very well.
    I've just joined here & have had decades of experience with some many sedatives, mixes & doctors, the latter two I always (now) challenge.
    Mixesconsidered- over a year ago - in Medications
  6. link Brian1co
    Loss of Strength with worse balancing
    I have now have been taking keppra, depakote, and lamictal. This has kept my seizures under control but after taking the lamictal for about six months - 67% more...
    Brian1co- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lamictal
  7. link Mixesconsidered
    EACH MIX & TIME FOR LAMICTAL: My immediate two Q's are What else is in your mix & greatly might these offset each other (see below). Lamictal - 94% more...
    Mixesconsidered- over a year ago
  8. link Six4christ
    Azithromycin brochitis, psychiatric drug, loving child, medical issue, annointing
    My daughter is a very shy, respectable, loving child who wouldn't hurt a flee. She obey's even if she doesn't want to. On August 19, 2009 my 15 year o - 96% more...
    Six4christ- over a year ago - in Azithromycin
  9. link Pessimistinpink
    PredniSONE headaches and dizziness, dull headache, throbbing headache, red dots, doctors office
    Hi, going to try to explain what's been going on and why I think my headaches and dizziness may be due to prednisone. I'm in dire need of answers . so - 97% more...
    Pessimistinpink- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in PredniSONE
  10. link Tomc
    Levaquin sheer boredom, sedatives, 3am, ativan, insomnia
    I have been on 500mg Levaquin for approximately 10 days, and thought I was doing fine. I did notice that I felt a bit hyper, but not enough to bother - 84% more...
    Tomc- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levaquin
  11. link Jb7th
    Levaquin bronchitis, flu, flying saucers, lost my job, things i would do
    Angry? Depressed? You can't believe how much I feel this way. I am absolutely convinced now that this is what happened to me. I am 54. That first week - 96% more...
    Jb7th- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  12. link Rusty1950
    Ambien medication, consult your doctor, dizziness and lightheadedness, breast feeding, drug interactions
    Ambien® Important Note The following information is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment of your - 96% more...
    Rusty1950- over a year ago - in Ambien