Orthostatic hypotension


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    Lisinopril human blood pressure, blood pressure meds, snake venom, laundry list, god didn
    DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE, Lisinopril is NOT made from snake venom. Blood pressure meds were developed from INFORMATION that was obtained by recognizing - 82% more...
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    In 1968 they studied the Brazilian viper snake to learn of its peptides that lower hypotension. From this study pharmaceutical companies created a SYN - 45% more...
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    Bad Reaction
    Mty daughter was put on this medication for some stomach problems she was having......and she got sicker! Nausea, abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, hyp - 87% more...
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    Gardasil tingling fingers, sinus infection, catscans, viral infection, dehydration
    My daughter got her second Gardasil shot and 10 days later, she started to become dizzy and have awful headaches and slurring her words and tingling f - 73% more...
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    My daughter is still having side effects. Some of the girls have developed orthostatic hypotention.. My daughter has been diagnosed with this. She has - 68% more...
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    Flexeril extreme measure, shoulders, faith in god, medical knowledge, flexerill
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    I just figured out what you need to do if you start to have if you start to have spasms, I just recently went through a terrible reaction to flexerill - 80% more...
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    Kenalog cortisone shot, two doctors, nurse practitioner, dexamethasone, cortisone
    2 shots 2 months apart. 3 days after 2nd shot in foot: muscle pain all over body. 4th day: chest pain and tightness (like a weight on it making it mor - 79% more...
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    Kenalog chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie, mood swings depression, mental fog, sugar craving
    2 shots in foot, 1 after foot surgery and 1 a month later. 3rd day after the 2nd shot I had: awful muscle pain all over my body. Day 4 I had chest pai - 84% more...
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    Toprol-XL toprol xl, kidney damage, metoprolol, hypotension, osteoarthritis
    I was initially put on Toprol XL 100 for an episode of atrial fibrillation, 10 months ago. They were so strong, I couldn't stand the hypotension! So, - 81% more...
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    Lisinopril class action suit, leg work, reply, class action suite, linsinopril
    I want to start a class action suite against lisinopril please reply and lets start a list.i will do the leg work. please read my other post
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    I began taking this drug in January 2010 and here it is, the first week in March, and I'm convinced with 100% certainty the drug has nearly killed me. - 91% more...
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    Gardasil nonepileptic seizures, tingling in legs, numbness and tingling in legs, temporary paralysis, legs feet
    My otherwise healthy, beautiful and very active 15 yr. old began having the following symptoms/side effects following her one and only Gardasil shot o - 81% more...
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    How can I tell if I am having side effects from timolol?
    I'm concerned that I won't be able to tell if I'm getting side effects from timolol. I already feel fatigue, depression, decreased ability to exercise - 67% more...
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    Yasmin charlie horse cramps, heart palpitations chest, chest tightness, lovenox, left knee
    I stumbled on this site while doing research on DVT's. I am a nurse and was on YAZ continuously (skipping the inactive pills and going straight to a n - 86% more...
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    My daughter recovered in a few days from the palpitations and chest pain. Pretty much as soon as her pulmonary embolism melted. Your doctor needs to k - 65% more...
    Beth123anderson- over a year ago
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    Toprol-XL resting heart rate, toprol xl, xl 50, slow pulse, palpitations
    I just started taking Toprol XL 50 mg about a week ago. I feel a little confused though on the doctor's judgment. I have a slow pulse (tends to run in - 85% more...
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    Topamax poor concentration, horrible drug, coversation, panic attacks, panic attack
    i was put on topamax for migraines back in aug 07. well, i stopped it like 5 months ago. (2june 08) i still feel "out of it" like i'm here b - 89% more...
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    Hi, I had the same issues with Topamax. I think you weaned off too quickly. What that means now is the side effects will be stronger. It has been 3 mo - 72% more...
    Rss- over a year ago
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    i am a heart patient
    why am i feeling dizzy when i stand up? is this serious?
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    You need to have your Orthostatic Blood Pressure taken to check for hypertension/hypotension. When you sit up, wait about 5 minutes...if the dizziness - 60% more...
    Nikonmom08- over a year ago
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    Topamax side effects
    I have orthostatic hypotension, tachycardia, numbess/tingling in hands/feet, anxiety, hair loss, and many other side effects from Topamax. I stopped a - 68% more...
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    Topamax cardiologist, hypotension, hands and feet, tachycardia, migraines
    I have been on Topamax for 2 months and it has been horrible. I started at 25mg at bedtime and worked up to 50mg at night and 25 in the morning. I wis - 88% more...
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    PredniSONE minimal change disease, insulin resistance, phycosis, unfortunatley, moon face
    PREDNISONE.... a word that is unknown to the naive and despised by the the knowledgeable. Before i begin i want to tell you that prednisone for lack o - 98% more...
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    15 YO with chronic Abdominal Pain
    Anyone here have any experience with chronic constant stomach pain below ribs in middle. My 15 YO has had severe stomach pains for 2 months. So far Xr - 77% more...
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    Funny you mention this. My daughter has orthostatic hypotension and I will be bringing her to another cardiologist later this month. I think she might - 81% more...
    Scamelo- over a year ago
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    I have to admit I didn't get through reading this whole post yet, but I think I have at least something worth mentioning. I'm 17 and have been battlin - 95% more...
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    Lisinopril dry cough, diovan, forearms, thinking skills, night time
    After 25 days on 10 mg/day Lisinopril the following symptoms: extreme dizziness all day, hypotension so bad can't even get out of car seat without alm - 83% more...
    Sdestes- over a year ago - in Lisinopril