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    Adderall XR adderall, few days, tongue, saliva production, ritalin sr
    I have been taking Adderall xr for a while now. and every time either run out of it or don't take it for a few days, and then start up, the end of my - 51% more...
    Darlborza- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Adderall XR
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    If I had to guess, the side effect you are describing might be the stopping of saliva production caused by Adderall. You may find yourself licking the - 71% more...
    Konstantinsiel- over a year ago
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    Adderall driven to distraction, very large amounts, drugs, ritalin, medication
    I'm sorry so many of you have bad experiences with Adderall. My side effects went away in about two weeks. The amphetamines in Adderall have been used - 95% more...
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