1. link Darla1962
    Coreg sexual problems, going crazy, sex life
    i have a question; my husband has been on Coreg about ayear; any sexual problems? He started on Linsionpril 2-3 months ago too; we have no sex life; a - 41% more...
    Darla1962- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Coreg
  2. link Soaringcanary
    While I realize this is long past your post, perhaps you are checking back since all consumers need to know that "yes" one adverse effect of - 94% more...
    Soaringcanary- over a year ago
  3. link Outofsync
    Lisinopril green phlegm, sexual impotency, brazilian snake, symptoms of the flu, inner ears
    I’m a 60 year old male. I was taking 5mg of Lisinopril until today. I have been taking Lisinopril for just over a year. Since then I have had a runny - 92% more...
    Outofsync- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  4. link Ashutosh
    Rauwolfia Serpentina impotency, 10 months, blood pressure, pressure level
    I am 31 year old male and taking Rauwolfia orally forlast 10 months regularly. I has definitely reduced the Blood Pressure level which was quite high - 35% more...
    Ashutosh- over a year ago - in Rauwolfia Serpentina
  5. link Wlgragg
    Trileptal dizzieness, sun exposure, impotency, 30 minutes, liver failure
    Sensitivity to sun exposure, dizziness about 30 minutes after BID dosage of 450mg. I am taking t-leptal following neurosurgery 12 yrs ago. I am experi - 50% more...
    Wlgragg- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Trileptal
  6. link Euroman699
    Lisinopril beta blockers, impotency problem, beer drinker, night cramps, male smoker
    Picked up a prescription for Lisinopril today. 20MG tablets for High Blood pressure. 57 yo male, smoker, beer drinker, chronic bronchitis. (Yeh, I kno - 80% more...
    Euroman699- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
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    Zocor impotency
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