Heartburn symptoms


  1. link Debalko
    Zocor tea tastes, coke pepsi, taste sensations, oily food, cholesteral
    I am taking zocor and prinival. My cholesteral number, bad has dropped to 75. I have recently noticed my taste sensations have radically changed such - 58% more...
    Debalko- over a year ago - in Zocor
  2. link Karen.murphy
    Levoxyl dry mouth, saliva, cracker
    Very dry mouth. If I eat a cracker, for example, I have to drink a glass of water with it. I have no extra saliva. And what about pain in the back of - 47% more...
    Karen.murphy- over a year ago - in Levoxyl
  3. link Guest204
    Omnicef withdrawl symptoms, sinusitis
    My two year-old son was taking Omnicef for Sinusitis. After about three days on it, he became very restless and started waking in the night. This cont - 64% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Omnicef
  4. link Lindahughes3
    Levaquin kidney infection, ringing in my ears, muscular pain
    I don't think this is a new side effect, but I don't see a list here anywhere. I have terrible joint and muscular pain all over my body after taking 1 - 64% more...
    Lindahughes3- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  5. link Jspider
    Gynodiol heartburn, headache
    headache heartburn
    Jspider- over a year ago - in Gynodiol
  6. link Med-private
    Advair HFA muscular weakness, asthma symptoms, difficulty sleeping, thin skin, excellent control
    Weight Gain especially in abdomen, neck and shoulders Thin skin with reddy purple bruises Difficulty sleeping Muscular weakness Excellent control of A - 9% more...
    Med-private- over a year ago - in Advair HFA
  7. link Cheryljurich
    Voltaren flu symptoms, bloody stool, abdominal cramping
    bloody stool; abdominal cramping; flu symptoms.
    Cheryljurich- over a year ago - in Voltaren
  8. link Hgk1
    Tenormin going to sleep, ankles
    have been taking tenormin for 2 months been having trouble with feet tingling and feeling warm even ankles hurting, also arm going to sleep. had none - 22% more...
    Hgk1- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  9. link Ann_masulis
    Celexa cause difficulty, weight gain
    I started on 20 mg, gained weight and had a return of the symptoms. It was then increased to 40 mg, then I gained even more weight and cause difficult - 10% more...
    Ann_masulis- over a year ago - in Celexa